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““The Shadow benefits from crystal clear female harmonies and some crunchy guitar work. If it wasn’t for singer’s Raquel’s presence, some of these songs would be redolent of Brian James era Damned jams. “Punk Rock Agent” mixes an incessant hook with a punk rock urgency. Then there’s singer Raquel’s powerful and soaring vocals, making this Houston, Texas, four-piece a truly special prospect.” Vive Le Rock magazine issue 6 (March 2012) ”

Vive Le Rock

“The Shadow’s journey towards world domination comes as a result of persistence, drive and determination. It is the band’s goal to bring a good share of David Lynch-inspired contrast to the musical world in a style the band calls “Shadow Rock.” The Shadow builds each of their songs on a foundation of relentless punk rock guitar then tops it all off with softly feminine lead vocals. It is a simple concept that is at once fresh and exciting. This inspiration is best realized on The Shadow’s new self-titled debut on NDN Records. The CD features 13 original songs recorded in September and October of 2011 in the band’s Houston home base. Musician/Producer Alan Lee Shaw (Ex-The Maniacs, The Rings and The Damned) flew from his London base to join the band in Texas in order to produce this important debut. The band’s winning formula first helped them rise in the local Houston, Texas scene almost immediately after their original formation in 2008. The Shadow’s first line-up”

Tom Kidd - The Shadow Celebrate CD Release With Hong Kong Live Debut

“ After the initial sweeping vengeance of punk took hold after 1977, a sweeping platform of New Music strode in, re-landscaping pop music. In that heady era, all things converged, from Talking Heads and the Records to Joe Jackson and Ultravox. That’s the genre I sense when listening to Texas-based the Shadow, who melds punk’s knack for the inchoate and off-kilter with a savvy sense of trad-rock hooks and pop-a-delic fare. To be sure, for every bit of mustered, seething psychodrama they vent, a bit of the Age of Aquarius leaks out with modern flair, pummeling, and agility. “Punk Rock Agent” slips into the earlobe with persistent charm, easily mustering a week’s worth of humming and silent sing-along head nods in the grocery store aisle. Sure, it lacks roughhewn edges and emotional bullets, but the tune’s caffeinated pulse adeptly combines layers of streamlined surf, titanic pop bombast, and a 1960s urge for danceability and crunchy guitar thrust. If a phenom single cut exist”

“The Shadow benefits from crystal-clear female harmonies and some crunchy guitar work. If it wasn't for singer Raquel's presence, some of these songs would be redolent of Brian James-era Damned jams. Or, perhaps more accurately, Lords of the New Church as there's a certain rock-noir feel. If you mst have a gender-specific comparison, there's a ringing clarity to the vocals that recalls Throwing Muses in one of Kristin Hersh's rockier phases. Best songs here are 'Punk Rock Agent' , which is a neat neat neat agenda statement (hear it on this issue's covermount CD) and the self-title closing track, which has some gorgeous cyclical guitar tones. 'Anna Manni' is pretty convincing too - fittingly, given it's apparently a tribute to Dario Argento's 'The Stendahl Syndrome' where in people go weak at the knees when confronted with great works of art.”

Alex Ogg - Vive Le Rock

“Though all four of this rousing Houston quartet's one-sided 7' singles appear on this 13-track debut album, one presumes they're re-recorded versions done with their explosive new rhythm section of bassist Kika and drummer Nick. To wit, the thundering redo of standout "Anna Manni" blows away the more restrained single version on YouTube. Throaty, husky-voiced belter Raquel Refuerzo is a total knockout, as invigoratind and commanding a vocalist as The BGellRay's Lisa Kekaula, if less soul/R&B-influenced. She's fueled by guitarist Henrik Bech Poulsen, who writes all the music and lyrics. Generously crams each song with ferocious, slashing punk.metal riffs, helping "Punk Rock Agent," "Your Love is Suffocating," and "Bittersweet" burn with conviction. It's easy to see why they opened for The Damned in Hong Kong; I'm betting they were not outclassed.”

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