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“Give Up The Ghost is a terrific slice of moody atmospheric heavy rock with a textural depth that will seep into your musical sweet spot, slowly revealing itself one delicious note at a time.”

“Breakneck rhythms, raw choruses, and seamless interludes; it’s everything you desire in a rock album.”

“The composition is rich with arrangements, including both organic and electronic sounds. There’s nostalgia, mystery and tension. The melodies will carry listeners far away…”

“Give Up The Ghost works on a number of different levels. This band has got the goods.”

“Give Up The Ghost is a full on tour de force that has all the elements of greatness: incredible choruses, mind boggling time signatures, exceptional song writing, and raw emotion… This album is not a collection of separate songs, it’s a story that you become a part of as the listener. Listening to Give Up The Ghost is an experience that forces us to let go of the wheel and let these guys drive us to the destination.”

"Killer! The vibe is a little NIN Fragile meets a classic alternative record..."

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"Their debut album isn't for the faint of heart..."

Magen McCrarey

"A Separation [makes] a statement to all people with a taste for the extraordinary"

"Certain to have a huge impact on sensitive ears and wandering souls thanks to both the attractive vocals, the song structures and an overall performance..."