The Scars Heal In Time / Press

“...In the heart of the Houston, the largest city in Texas, you'll find two young musicians doing what bands twice their age have yet to accomplish. The Scars Heal In Time, which had their first practice in late July, 2010, have played over a hundred shows since forming, have opened for Bad Company in front of over 10,000 people, and have released an album titled Twisted Truth. What makes all of this even more impressive? They've accomplished all of this before their 18th birthday...”

“These young women have grown up in a strange new world where terrorism, the shrinking middle class, corporate plundering by CEOs, bank bailouts and ten year old wars are the norm. It gives the band a unique perspective on life and is reflected in their music.”

“Another band to look out for is The Scars Heal In Time....considered by many to be one of the best all-female teen rock bands in the country today...their stage show is high-energy and a lot of fun. As fast as these girls' careers are moving, if you want to see them, you'd better do so, soon.”

“On another night we dropped by and caught the band, the scars heal in time. This is probably the youngest band I've ever seen. It's an all-girl band featuring a 12 year old drummer,and two 15 year old lady's on guitar and bass....And they were actually pretty damn good! If this is any indication of the talent they'll be having at 2016 mainstage, then make Tuesday nights your night of choice to check out some hot local talent you may have not seen before!”

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