The Scam / Press

“It just didn’t start to register what I had gotten myself into until the first note of the opening song, “Dirty Old Shoes”. Focused on trying to get photographs, I did not notice all the sane individuals aligning themselves against the walls. Then it happened! As vocalist James Gallagher started shouting the lyrics, I could see out of the corner of my eye the floor becoming a black hole. There was no escape and all you could do was brace for impact! The pit was brutal, with a mob circling the room, and then a brave person would dash though the center to test out the laws of physics. Fueling the fire was the band’s edgy, in-your-face performance. With vocalist James Gallagher and bassist Spaceman egging the mass on, as the band ripped through the songs.”

“On March 17th of this year I wrote the article, "Five bands keeping the St. Louis hardcore-punk scene alive and thrashing." The Scam, not one of the five, chose to express its displeasure at the article and me personally via YouTube.”