The Sapwoods / Press

"The Sapwoods have released “Peaks and Valleys,” and it has a strong folk element, but it also tosses in a bunch of jangly pop, vocal harmonies (which I’m a sucker for), and, well, just a lot of upbeat fun. About the second listen in, I sort of imagined this being a Wilco album where Jeff Tweedy got together with a Brit-pop band with Rickenbackers and they just had a big party and decided to write music together."

““Peaks and Valleys find the band letting go of the punky vibe of the first record. Their new songs are still loud and brash, but they achieve a more polished pop sound, reminiscent of early Elvis Costello and Big Star.””

“The Sapwoods pop and sparkle in a flare of sounds that span across a spectrum of power pop and anthemic alt-Americana. Propelled by a ceaseless energy, their sophisticated sensibilities glimmer in a spectacle of grooves, laments, croons, breaks, surges, bottle-breaking riffs and heartsick melodies, packed powerfully into fine, well-wrought songs.”

Aaron McNally - Pulse Magazine