The Rusty Haywhackers / Press

““The First Cutting,” produced by Stephen Cunningham (Sandoz, Flying Cunninghams) captures the Haywhackers — singer Sarah Keener, guitarists Matt Locy and Brian Matalik, banjoist Mark Snyder, bassist Dan Burgess and drummer Keith Luzader — playing boogie and bluegrassy jam-rock, heavy with Appalachian-style vocals and Garcia-like guitar patterns.”

“Following DJ Onetime, the Rusty Haywhackers took the stage and the Whack Pack was in full force in support of this Washington, PA up-and-coming group. With vocalist/soul -dier Sarah Keener dressed up in a black dress with a veil, they proceeded to lay down the funk/soul/ska/reggae beats, mixing in Grateful Dead and jamband covers with originals that have lyrics with substance and fire. Consisting of Keener, “Magical” Matt Locy on guitar/vocals, “Bearded” Brian Matlik on guitar/mandolin/banjo, the recently clean cut convert Dan Burgess on bass, and “Steady” Marc Stedman on harmonica/percussion, the Haywhackers just do it for me, and I get the opportunity to see a lot of groups.”

“Saturday would begin with Washington, PA’s own The Rusty Haywackers – Although this band is just getting their start on the festival scene, I believe you will hear a lot more out of them in the coming year. Vocalist Sarah Keener has an original voice that captivates the room, Brian Matalik’s grizzly exterior holds a soft, emotion-filled voice, and the musical ability of the band shines through in their live performances, with multiple percussionists adding to the fullness of this relatively new group.”

“‎"The next band to take the hallowed stage at Nelson Ledges was The Rusty Haywhackers. Out of Washington, PA, the Haywhackers have excited fans with their improvisational skills, heady harmonica jams, and original sound. Vocalist Sarah Ke ener added a refreshing take on some old favorites, at times rapping lyrics creating an almost “urban Grateful Dead” sound. Be sure to check these guys out if you have the chance – I promise you won’t be disappointed."”