the Runs / Press

“From there on out this ear-catching debut screams like an old Lookout! Album”

“The Runs are straight punk as it's meant to be played: in a bar, drunk, fast, witty and loud as hell.”

“...the punk-inspired party-rock record you want to just blast.”

“...there's really something in this album for everyone who has ever liked any punk over the years.”

“There's The Queers. Then there was Screeching Weasel. Now we have The Runs.”

“sloppy three chord punk akin to the era when Wimpy still fronted the Queers”

“Accept no substitutes! ...pretty fast, pretty poorly recorded Ramonesy punk band”

“This is raw stuff... this is the way it should be.”

“...a familiar Ramonesesque sound with a blast of originality”

“...certainly worth listening to”

“If you are looking for 14 short, sharp shots of old-school punk, give the debut album by The Runs a shot.”

“good, old-fashioned barre chord punk rock ...full-on downstroke Johnny Ramone guitar”

“...there are also a bunch of songs that are catchy and have great energy and are really impossible not to bop along with”

“Impressive debut album...”

“Well written and well played... and the songs themselves are a bit smarter (and funnier) than the title concept will lead you to believe.”

“Primitive garage punk... reminiscent of very early Bad Brains...”

“a crisp, clean and concise listening experience”