The Running Gags / Press

“Fun, grooving rock music. Often funky, always soulful, not heavy but with plenty of grunt. This is party music, written, arranged and performed with great skill, always directed at the groove. I find it very hard to imagine them failing to deliver live. Awesome.”

“One of the Gags' greatest qualities is that there is so much technical skill, difference in musical inspiration, and drive behind each member of the group yet simultaneously so much cohesion as a single functioning unit. These guys are going to continue to offer excellent and unique material throughout their career; so buy the ticket and take the ride!”

“One of Portland's hottest up and coming bands.”

“Overall, the album is a corn maze that will intrigue music lovers.”

“I don’t think eclectic is quite the right word to describe The Running Gags. Yeah, No’s tracks present a great deal of variety, much of it surprising, but the musicianship is too tight for this to be considered a slapdash effort.”

“There is overwhelming potential on display in the intro to “Just a Rush,” the harmonies in “Ms. Direction,” and the major hooks of the whole record. It’s great to be playing music to have fun, and there’s no question that the band is enjoying themselves.”

“If you’re looking for another cliché rock act with fundamentally generic riffs and bland song arrangement: Move along.”

Peet Chamberlain - The Bollard