The Runaway Sons / Press

“Anyone who ever said, “Rock is dead,” has obviously never heard of The Runaway Sons. The guys from the high-energy punk rock band from Kansas City, Mo., like their rock n’ roll “loud and fast.” Following the release of the band’s first EP, ¡Soy España!, they recently released their first music video, “Hacksaw Jim Duggan,” earlier this year. They’ve perfected their sound, combining a little southern hardcore blend with the old Black Flag-style punk rock and some heavy vocals, guaranteed to get their fans up off their feet and dancing around the pit.”

“The Sons' full-on assault is an attack on your central nervous system. Their rhythm section vibrates your entire body. The frontman, Jimmy Wing, will jerk and gyrate directly at you, and you will feel mightily uncomfortable, and possibly violated”

“On stage, Wing is quite the image of a rock and roll front man; it’s difficult to ignore his (often strange) antics such as screaming into a monitor, dancing and making some very Ian Anderson-like (of Jethro Tull) facial expressions and gestures.”

“the Sons blew away everyone in attendance. So much so that upon mounting the stage Bob Cutler forbade them from ever playing the Trap again. Or even opening up for the Klusterfux again, because he “didn’t like following a kick ass set like the one he’d just seen.” Indeed, Otto. Indeed. Although Cutler’s hyperbole was funny, it was merely giving due respect to a very good band. Shades of Iggy Pop and the Stooges and Jet could be discerned in the Runaway Sons’ music, but their overall sound is unique. Josh Porter and Ohm provided a near perfect rhythm section. I loved the band’s tongue in cheek songs like Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth ‘Cause I’m Kissing You Goodbye and Kathleen Turner Overdrive. Make no mistake though, these guys are seriously good. Make the time to catch them live; you won’t regret it.”

“¡Soy España! is an incredible debut EP that sets a high standard for the Kansas City rock scene. No doubt people are going to compare the Runaway Sons with the Bronx: Both acts have sounds that fall somewhere between Motorhead and Black Flag. But ¡Soy España! owes more to the garage acts that pop up on Las Vegas Grind comps than anything else, and bands such as the Fabulous Continentals only wish they sounded this good. "Jerk and Gyrate" is a sped-up go-go number run through living-room-sized amps. And with sinuous guitars, boogie-beat drums and lines such as Dance, baby, we'll leave you wanting more, "Kathleen Turner Overdrive" is a true rarity — a song about dancing you can actually dance to.”

“I've yet to see these kids not play a show that wasn't a knock down rock fest.”

“I'll look forward to The Runaway Sons becoming local heroes.”