The Rum and The Sea / Press

"Perhaps the busiest band in Bend this past year"

“The Rum And The Sea's music is something classically Northwest. It's as perfect for a starry summer night as it is for a winter evening in front of a fireplace.”

“Local five-piece pirate folk band The Rum and the Sea takes audiences on voyages, exploring everything from heartbreaking loneliness to the struggles of being in love with a roller derby queen. The band’s influences include Irish folk and nautical themes and deliberate songwriting, all of which showcases the members’ expansive musical IQ. Momentum-building crescendos and smooth harmonies keep listeners hanging on to every note. Arrr!”

“Local band The Rum and The Sea started out as a duo, but you wouldn't know it if you saw them these days. What once was a stripped-down collaboration between Bend-based singer-songwriters Jason Schweitzer and Brian Hinderberger has grown into a full-fledged five-piece folk-rock band with the addition of Richard Myers on bass and, more recently, drummer Brent Barnett and multi-instrumentalist Chris Youngers. When the group takes the stage at Silver Moon Brewing on Sunday night — one assumes they will spill over onto the pub's floor — you can bet the fine songs featured on their nautically themed Facebook and Reverbnation profiles will benefit from the bigger sound. “Based on our last few practices," says a recent status update, “you should probably bring a spare pair of socks … cuz we gon' rock them suckas right off." Spoken like a bunch of dudes harnessing the power of a band. Details below.”

"Bend's own The Rum And The Sea play a finessed combination of indie and folk that combines acoustic emotion with stripped-down harmonies."

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