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“Loving this album by the Royal Wigs. Joe Blacks' voice gets to me every time I listen, you can almost hear the heartbreak in his voice when he sings these ballads. Great lyrical and melodic compositions. Looking forward to new material from this great American band..."”


“The album title actually defines this EP. It's country but plays by the rules of alternative rock. Joe Black's voice is standard country and his melodies are both catchy and rapturous...The result comes out brilliantly. My least favorite kind of music is country but I really enjoyed this. It's made for rock fans."”

The Music Junkie Blog

“4.5 / 5 STARS - After hearing "Oh, My Soul," the first single from The Royal Wigs' EP Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues, you begin to hope that all of their songs are as good as this... Not only have they created a sense of nostalgia within their lyrics, but they conjure up the memory of earlier times in music with their melody, making "Oh, My Soul" a song that is both classic and modern at the same time."”

Alec Cunningham - BLANK MAGAZINE

“5 / 5 STARS - Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues’ is one hell of a first effort! The recording features five songs that all stand out in their own right, showcasing elements of country, indie roots, alternative and even pop, which definitely screams Americana. On the track “Oh, My Soul” so much damn feeling is hitting you all at once, so much power & emotion slapping you around from all directions that its like a Mack truck full of Royal Wigs heading straight toward you! The 5-track recording ends on a very touching note that will impact the listener for sure and will leave them wanting more. The audience will be applauding The Royal Wigs and a finish like this deserves a standing ovation & curtain call..."”

Jimmy Rae's Music Blog

"Cosmic American Heartthrob Blues is the recently released debut EP from The Royal Wigs, a multi-genre outfit with country leanings. Though the members hail from Michigan and Maryland, their sounds and lyrics tend to venture south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Joe Black's lyrics in "Leaving NYC" make Jack Kerouac seem like a homebody...The Royal Wigs are somewhat reminiscent of Seven Mary Three, of such fine, brooding pieces as “Cumbersome” and “Water’s Edge.” The EP’s fifth and final track, “It’s Over Now,” presents a jaded voice from a weary heart. The lyrics are eminently mournful. Less desperate are the prospects of The Royal Wigs, as the EP showcases considerable talent..."


"4.5 / 5 STARS - White Line Fever is a song with all the elements to be a hit in the country charts...if you enjoy old-time country rock, i.e. nothing to do with Taylor Swift or many of these modern pop country artists, this album is for you..."

Vents Music Magazine

"What the Eagles might sound like if they turned up the amps and tried their hand at covering Husker Du's "Flip Your Wig." No pun intended!