The Royal Noise / Press

“The Royal Noise takes us on a time traveling adventure to a distant future where vehicles are flying, people are teleporting, holographic communication has taken precedent, and the soundtrack to our lives, provided by The Royal Noise, is extraterrestrial in nature.... constructed improvisation, stunning composition and fine musician carpentry"”

“Groove, groove, and more groove – with a side order of groove and a frothy mug of groove to wash it down with… Unbreakable finds the band even tighter, more eclectic (it’s true), and completely in control of the powerful sound they generate. The bottom line: believe it or not, they just keep getting better.”

“Whatever you choose to call it, jazz, rock or funk, the Royal Noise makes instrumental music that moves like heavy machinery light on its feet. It’s musical perpetual motion… the songs metamorphose right before your eyes and ears”

“One of the best funk acts to emerge from the East Coast in a long while.”

Simon Eddie - Home Grown Music Network

“a clear case of a half-dozen souls consumed by percussion poltergeists … Galactic at their funkiest”

“This jazz-funk fusion band breathes some fresh air into the Savannah music scene.”