The Roulette Sisters / Press

“The Roulettes are young, but the styles in which they play are antique: some polished oak or brass, some dusty barnboard. It all echoes from the first half of the 20th century: country blues, Boswell Sisters-style swing and popular songs of the time - but not too popular. All four Sisters sing, often in harmony, and blend in two guitars (by Minch and French jazz specialist Meg Reichardt), Karen Waltuch's viola and Megan Burleyson's washboard. They do some of their own songs, but Waltuch said 80 percent of them are "songs that you probably haven't heard before from the American songbook." They tend to choose them for what's in their lyrics: poetry, surprising twists and fun colloquialisms, especially ones with double entendres. Add some summer dresses and sly winks, and you're rolling with the Roulettes.”