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“LUNATIC MAKES THE TOP 10 of 2008 Flat out when my buddy Bubbs Harris from the www. thesaltypirate. com turned me onto the TRU right on down the line, I knew this one man army of metal musical anthems Kicks Ass! Lunatic ranks up at near the very top of all the new songs I have heard in 08'. NO BULLSHIT!!! As a music promoter, talent scout, and manager of musicians I forsee Patrick's Uprising being signed and spreadin his brand of in your face and mind metal all over America's landscape. steve/official metal castle ”

“THE ROSETO UPRISING- " A Small Town Rebellion" ( No Label) These days, you see a lot of death and black metal bands that consist of just one guy. What you don't see, are a whole lot of politically charged power/prog one-man bands. THE ROSETO UPRISING is the brainchild of Patrick Maccia, a regular small town guy who was sick of standing by idly while his country fell to pieces before his eyes. The lyrical content on ASTR is social and political commentary at its best. Religion, war, poverty, hate, and strife have driven Patrick to write some of the most memorable pissed off hard rock songs this side of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.”

“ THE ROSETO UPRISING RECORDING NEW ALBUM WITH ACHIM WELSCH (IVANHOE) Patrick Maccia, the one man power prog machine known as The Roseto Uprising is currently in the studio, working on the followup to 2008's "A Small Town Rebellion", which was recorded, produced, performed, and released entirely by Patrick alone. This time around, producer and Ivanhoe vocalist, Achim Welsch will be lending a hand to make the new material as top notch as possible. "Pain and Protest" promises to be a eye opening and ear catching record for fans of progressive metal. Songs like "Walk the Plank" , "My Apology", "Believe Nothing", and "False Flag" capture the angst and emotion put forth into this spectacular work of art. ”