The Rose Of Sharon - GOSPEL (ASCAP) (AMG) / Press

“....I am really addicted to your music as I told you that many times. I love your wonderfull voice. I Love the way you lose yourself in the sea of sound, words, spells, music...Once I hear you singing or watching your vidz I instantly get your message,and lose myself into your music. You are still tremendouse. Everything is perfect: Nice video, world class singing voice, (my compliments going also to your musician friends or Bands-Members and to you (Do you play also instruments?)) What else do I have to say? I just Love what you do and like very your natural personality, that´s all about real attitude and your charisma and aura that IS CONNECTING you deep with me and I realy Feel your passion. You love music,you love what you do just like me and this passion is sorounding everybody atonce who is listening to your music. Keep in touch with us and share with us also in the future your music and contact. I am sure one day soon I will feel this pleasure Live on t”

IRAN Chrymez/Fairfax, VA - RN Artist

“What a performance.. you sure know how to get into someone's soul any way thank you so much...... I'm staying in touch. God bless Gene”

Gene Paradis - Reverb.Artist/Fairfield, ME

"The first thing that you think of when you look at KC Daleigh is the wonderful life and vivacious spirit she brings to us! With her beautiful purple flowers accenting her lace of her blouse in her photo at her No.1 spot on Reverbnation for Plant City, FL in the Americana/Easy Listening platform, it's hard not to draw attention to her blue eyes. With a bit of Tammy Wynette and Emmylou Harris, the twinkling in her voice and soul find a way to bring peace to your inner-self. It feels as though she is reaching out to send us a message of comfort. KC also holds the No.1 spot for Gospel in the Plant City area on her Reverbnation site under 'The Rose of Sharon'" - Lori Finnila, Women Empowerment Magazine (Jul 16, 2012)

Lori Finnila - Women Empowerment Magazine

“Thank God for people like you on reverb.”

LeRoy McBride - Reverb.Artist/Smithfield, NC