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“It just might be the longest-running current partnership in Detroit music. For nearly half a century, Jim McCarty has been playing his guitar against the beat of Johnny (Bee) Badanjek's drums: with Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheels in the '60s, with its descendant band Detroit in the early '70s, with the high-wattage Rockets later that decade.”

“Detroit in the late-70s was a true rock 'n' roll Mecca. Ted Nugent was hitting the charts, and Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band were blowing up nationwide. The MC5 were long gone, but Fred "Sonic" Smith had his Sonic's Rendezvous Band to kick out the jams on stages from Ann Arbor to Toledo, and all points in between. The street scene was vital as well, with a mix of punk, pop, and art-rockers knockin' 'em down at the New Miami club every weekend. Bands like the Mutants, Flirt, Cinecyde, Destroy All Monsters, and the Romantics were redefining the Motor City sound, and those of us in the audience just hung on for a wild ride.”

“Dave Gilbert had a voice to die for. BY BRIAN SMITH It’s 1979, nearly three years before the advent of MTV. Roy Orbison is hosting “The Midnight Special,” one of the few places a rock ’n’ roll band can get nationwide exposure. The group onstage behind Orbison is making its national TV debut. With tentative gestures and an outstretched arm, Orbison introduces the Rockets, Detroit’s best and hardest-working rock ’n’ roll band.”

““What are you doing?” Those four words in 1972, spoken by Jim McCarty to Johnny “Bee” Badanjek — bandmates in Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels and the short-lived Detroit — lit the fuse for The Rockets and ignited an 11-year, six-album rock ’n’ roll ride for which the group will receive a Distinguished Achievement Award at tonight’s 19th annual Detroit Music Awards.”

“Detroit is known for having a distinctive kind of rock; a gritty, hard-working, blue-collar sound that is unmistakably Michigan born and bred. The Rockets just might be the perfect embodiment of this style. Formed in 1972 by Johnny "Bee" Badanjek (vox and drums) and Jim McCarty (lead guitar), former members of another Detroit rock band, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, the core band consisted of Badanjek & McCarty along with John Fraga (bass) and Marc Marcano (keys). After bringing in Dave Gilbert as lead vocalist, the Rockets had a string of radio hits including "Desire", "Turn Up the Radio", "Rollin by the Record Machine" and the quintessential best version of Peter Green's "Oh Well" ever recorded”

“Formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1972 by former members of Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels! The-Rockets”

“The Detroit Wheels were an American rock group from Detroit, Michigan. They served as Mitch Ryder's backup band from 1964-1967, and played on all his most successful records. Their original members were: Jim McCarty (lead guitar) Joseph Kubert (rhythm guitar) Earl Elliot (bass) Jim McCallister (bass) replaced Earl Elliot in 1966, pictured on album displayed on this page. Johnny "Bee" Badanjek (drums)”

“The Rockets are an American rock band founded by guitarist Jimmy McCarty and drummer Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, former members of Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheels. ”

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“Turn Up The Radio.....Desire.....Oh Well.....Rollin' By The Record Machine.....just a few of the great tunes from a Detroit original; a rock band called THE ROCKETS. No, it's not Love and Rockets, nor is it the 60's band also called the Rockets. It's the Motor City's seemingly forgotten ROCKETS, fronted by the late-great David Gilbert. The Rockets flame burned bright and they came so very close to jetting into rock'n roll's stratosphere. But it was not to be, The Rockets burned out, re-entry was fatal and spelled the end of this kick-ass band. I was fortunate enough to see this awesome band twice in their heyday. This is my tribute to a long-lost band that made quite an impression on a young Michigan rocker so many years ago......”