Rock & Roll Whores / Press

“-The Rock & Roll Whores, known for the drama surrounding the exits of former members, just announced that Mad Dog Brandon Dirty will be reuniting with the band. The multiple exits of members have been surrounded in controversy and press coverage, including numerous conflicting press statements between the former members and the band. In describing the bands personnel issues, one fan said, “Yea….the Whores is like a revolving door… but always Johnny” The band released the following statement regarding the reunion: “As of our residency show last night at The Whiskey Junction The Rock & Roll Whores would like to WARMLY welcome BACK to the band, Mr. Mad Dog Branden Dirty! You can see us back in each others faces LIVE! This Saturday at The Nomad World Pub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We promise to live up to every fucked up things you have EVER heard about The Rock & Roll Whores and then some.” The Nomad Show is Part of the SiaNet Radio Concert Series.”