The Roadhouse Clams / Press

“Blue-collar alt-country with a Friday night bar flavor and a knowing wink. It’s a blast.”

Independent Clauses

“The moment I placed the Hard Road Home CD in my player, I was surrounded by old rusty pickup trucks, draught beer, and well-worn denim. You can clearly hear the influences: Steve Earle's rustic crinkle of fallen leaves underfoot, the re-direction of Chicago blues via vintage Rolling Stones, the proud, lonesome gait of the Allmans, but each track is both original and impeccable; hot and fresh from the oven. From the cowboy crunch of Corner Of It's Over & Goodbye, to what can only be described as Yiddish surf music on Macabuca, the EP is bursting with a crush of diverse, unique flavours. Is this the new soundtrack of the States? My God, I hope so.”

Suki - Bulldog UK

“High-energy, country-infused, juke joint punch.”

Americana Rhythm Magazine

“You boys are a bunch of whippersnappers!”

Teddy Gentry of Alabama

“Awesome Key West Funkabilly!”


“The Roadhouse Clams were even better than advertised--so entertaining!”

Lisa Bryant, WBOC TV, Salisbury, MD

“Tropical Redneck Rock & Roll”

Shore Update

“The Roadhouse Clams knocked it completely out of the park on our show!”

LV Television

“I really love the style and energy of the Clams. It's supreme Southern Rock, like Johnny Cash and Waylon jamming with the Allman Brothers.”

Brendan "BK" Kashuba, OC98 FM WOCM, Ocean City, MD

“One of the best names in regional music...Roadhouse Clams are the soundtrack for summer!”

The Examiner

“Check out them Roadhouse Clams! That's good ol' redneck music right there, the way it's supposed to be played! If the Clams don't get you up and moving, you're either dead or a Communist. Either way, you've got issues!”

Big Don OBrien, WAAI, Cambridge, MD

"Shore Girl" changed my life! It's one of the funniest and best-written songs I've heard in a very long time. I freakin LOVE the Roadhouse Clams--are you kidding me?

Jen Richer, 94.7 Fresh FM, Washington DC

“The Roadhouse Clams are full of fire and whiskey, and perform edgy Americana like their lives depend on it. Sensational!”

Lower Case

“The Roadhouse Clams are one of our favorite bands that play here. Always a blast!”

promoter Mark Mangold, NightCat, Easton. MD

“The Roadhouse Clams mix back-country folksiness with whip-smart lyrics and high-energy country-pop tunes.”


“Steel-toed Eastern Shore honesty...”

Karly Kolaja - The Live Wire

"I love this CD. Raw Barn is loaded with diverse influences and fresh songwriting. There's a familiarity throughout, but it's not derivative in the least."

Jerry Hoyt, CBS Radio, Washington DC

"The Roadhouse Clams are a slammin' band taking it to the next level."

Michael Rhian Driscoll - The Examiner

“The Country Blues band, the Roadhouse Clams, delighted the audience...playing a variety of country music that resulted in a lot of toe-tapping and clapping.”

Caroline Times-Record

"Excellent, high energy material that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. More Clams, please."

The Record Observer

"This is what live music is supposed to be: fun, raucous rock & roll with get-nasty guitars, tight harmonies, down and dirty lyrical themes, and a superbly locked-in rhythm section. I could see these Clams sharing the bill with artists like the Old 97s, Drive By Truckers, or Rev Horton Heat, no problem."

The Backbeat Blog

“The Roadhouse Clams blend back-road blues with old-school country and top it off with twisted lyrics... ”

Easton Star Democrat

"Their harmonies are excellent and connect well with great songs that are catchy, well-written, and easily accessible."

Whats Up? Magazine

“The Roadhouse Clams is the intersection where Nashville meets Key West.”

Jamie Norton - WPOC, Baltimore, MD

"rootsy alt-country jam."

Michael Buckley - The Capital/HometownAnnapolis.com

“With a fun, first-rate stage show that features tight harmonies, vibrant acoustic & electric guitars, groove-laden percussion, mandolins, and more, it's clear that the Roadhouse Clams are well on their way to becoming one of the mid-Atlantic's premier live acts."”

Chesapeake Music Guide

“The Clams take to the stage with the energy of a playoff-driven rugby team, and perform some of the best country-twinged rhythm and blues that you'll hear anywhere."”

KC - WCTR, Chestertown, MD