Andrew Scotchie & The River Rats / Press

"....there’s no true notion of regional blues without Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats, led by the wunderkind of the local scene. Scotchie is a soulful cyclone of a performer nurtured in the classic-rock oeuvre who, at only 23 years old, produces the local festival Asheville Barnaroo and leads his vibrant crew on a near-constant touring schedule" -

"Andrew Scotchie & the River Rats’ second studio album (We All Stay Hungry) marks an elemental step forward in the band’s hard-driving sound"

"Scotchie's vocals adhere to a classic blues style complete with the occasional shouts that would make James Brown proud"

Ted Kendrick - Asheville Current

“Delivered as if on a platter made of rust and steel, Scotchie’s music borrows from the grit of the Rolling Stones. He and The River Rats bind it with elements of old school soul and Lightnin’ Hopkins blues into a rhythm that rocks with purity.”

"This is an up and coming band from Asheville and ONE TO WATCH!"

Heather Anders/98.1 the River

"This up and coming Asheville band specializes in raw bluesy rock"