The Riffbrokers / Press

“... Sounding sort of like a Tom Petty meets R.E.M. meets Elvis Costello (meets the lazy music criticism of "blank meets blank," which I'm sure the Riffbrokers are tired of), they're the kind of band that sounds like they've been around forever. Their pop smarts are so keen and strong that those comparisons to veteran artists not only hold water, but function sincerely as compliments, and not as a sign that they are a lesser imitation of musical giants. The Riffbrokers are both radio-ready and uncompromising - traits that would have carried a lot more weight in the decades before the airwaves turned to crap. ”

“the Riffbrokers seem to hit a perfect mix of indie rock, power pop and roots rock. Their sound is almost like the Smithereens and Elvis Costello meets alt country. And like my favorite pair of Levi's, their music feels worn in and comfortable, yet still remains tough and rough around the edges”

Dan Halligan - Tablet Magazine

“..the Seattle combo specializes in catchy, guitar-fueled tunes that perfectly straddle the worlds of American roots rock and Beatlesque power pop. ... hunky hooks and heartfelt melodies; frontman Nick Millward's gritty vox pack the perfect punch. ...the Riffbrokers are the kind of band of which people who equally love melody and guitars dream.”

"This act from Washington state has always sported one of my favorite band names, and their excellent roots rock has consistently lived up to their moniker. If I could describe their sound in a sentence, I'd say it would be as if Elvis Costello grew up in the Pacific Northwest and fronted The Replacements."