the REUNION / Press

"What Really Counts" by Chicago's own "the REUNION" - 2010's Breakup Anthem is driven by a super catchy sing along chorus that everyone can relate to and will want to belt out at the top of their lungs.

Jaimee Climas - Midwest Music Review

"Goodbye to You" is an up-tempo, rhythmic mixture of keyboards, synthesizers, guitars and horns; complimented by catchy vocals and perfectly paced drum parts.

Jim Kendall - Ambush Studio

“Renegade Reviews on the hit single "Premonition" by "the REUNION" Emotional, hard driving, rock anthem about a very volatile romance. Together they suffer a tragedy that could either galvanize them or drive them apart. Ultimately, the pain is too great in the end and she is forced to leave him."”

Michael Hamilton - Renegade Reviews