The Resignators / Press

“The Resignators sounded like Gang of Four if they were a ska band. Most of the audience sitting around me left the balcony for the dance floor, which was totally understandable. The band had an incredible energy, a great sound hybrid of vintage rock and roll and ska, a really cool organ and a kick-ass front man. I officially declare this the best ska set I’ve ever seen.”

"The Resignators might seem a little old hat in their continued use of up strokes and a horn section. But with a focus on writing damn great songs and delivering them with panache, this fun sextet from Melbourne are defying the trends”

Blunt Magazine

““Offbeat Feeling is an exciting blend of ska, reggae, rock and punk sounds that manage to work brilliantly together when they probably shouldn’t. Every track is a delight to listen to...””

Christopher Anderson - PBS FM