The Renfields / Press

“ Graffiti: How did growing up in Transylvania have an impact on the music you play and how has being "trans" planted in WV changed your sound, if at all? Vincent Renfield: We're really just your average clean cut kids from Transylvania. We don't have much of a music scene back home. We were always more influenced by American punk rock music and culture than anything else; American bands like Ramones, The Queers, T.S.O.L. and of course American horror films. Unfortunately Transylvania is about 20 years behind on everything, so imagine our surprise when we arrived in the states only to find that we had missed out on the punk rock movement that had inspired us. As it turns out, all of the American horror films we grew up on completely misrepresented what the United States is actually like; no zombies, no slashers, they don't even utilize re-animative medicine here! And apparently Americans believe that Transylvania is full of vampires. Ha! We actually tried to leave West Virginia and hea”