“Vancouver hardcore angst ridden punk metal explosion, THE REKKENING!”

“Bullied and abused as a child, Shane found herself on the streets of Whalley at age 12. “I can remember sitting on the curb looking for broken glass to cut my arms, because I hated my life, hated everything,” said Shane. “I’ve come a long way from there, though, thanks to significant counseling for a couple years. I’ve come to terms with all that.” - See more at: http://www.thenownewspaper.com/entertainment/local-entertainment/anti-bullying-rockers-in-surrey-to-raise-cash-for-amanda-todd-legacy-society-1.846185#sthash.aI1r3YLY.dpuf”

“Starting with “In The End” the first words you hear are “Blinded by rage/At a young age…” and “I am who I am” should tell you right off the bat that this band follows their own muses and if you don’t like the music, then leave now. Tracey has very powerful pipes and she can get in your face literally with a focus and concentration that probably scares most other people. Her intensity with music is evident in the vocal work on all 4 songs.”

Jade Sperry - THE REKKENING Review

“Song is full of feelings, and your vocals very addictive, think I am gonna play it again. you made my day - (Cry)”

“I'm totally stoked;would love to have " The ReKKening" over at Steve,Seana,and "Rockkin Ronny" Show we are at CFRO FM 101.9FM SHOCKWAVE(METAL)I'm a "MusicJournalist"/stagehand/programmer/studiotechnician.Your band FUCKKIN ROCKS!!!!”

"The Rekkening" get's listed on C-Fox ! In support of the Festival of Survival!