The Reggie Sullivan Band / Press

“The Reggie Sullivan Band is a band’s band. Columbia music aficionados are well aware of Sullivan’s freakish bass chops, easy-on-the-ears singing voice, and his blood-deep knack for tunes that flirt with pop accessibility while remaining ever-loyal to the melodic adventures inherent in proper funk and soul. To the uninitiated: Make a little effort and get with the program. — Michael Spawn”

“The Reggie Sullivan Band was absolutely fantastic, indulging the crowd at every turn, but maintaining their unique style. A Latin influenced Remember the Time? Aw, hell, yeah. Seriously, those guys were the life of the party and the Shop Tart — who had not been to the gym all week — was incredibly grateful. She and several others didn’t leave the dance floor until they packed up to go home. She would also like to offer a special thanks to Reggie, who agreed to play one of her favorite singalong songs when he dj’d during a band break. Seriously. This song is the best.”

“The Reggie Sullivan Band (3 p.m.) might be this town’s best festival-stage band, its high-tempo pop tunes imbued with jazz fusion swelter and bluesy swagger.”

“The Reggie Sullivan Band, 12:40 a.m. One of the most in-demand musicians ever to come out of the Columbia music scene, Reggie Sullivan graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2006 with a degree in jazz studies and hasn’t stopped playing since, it seems. His international touring credits include performances with Joe Sample, Randy Crawford, The Jazz Crusaders, Chris Potter, Yusef Lateef, Ron McCurdy, Wycliffe Gordon and even Olivia Newton-John and Wynonna Judd. Locally, he plays with a jazz trio and freelances with other acts, but the group he’s bringing to Music Crawl is his rock ‘n’ roll band. Stepping into the front man position with his eponymous band, Sullivan revealed a sweet yet powerfully soulful singing voice that’s equally capable of pulling off a cleverly arranged cover of the Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy” and his own originals, which are naturally informed by jazz and classic R&B. The band is more than just Sullivan, as he has surrounded himself with se”

“He’s debuting that new rock band, which he’s dubbed on Facebook The Global Soul Revolution, on Friday at The Venue out in Camden. (He’s promoting everything under his name, though, for the recognition, he says.) Sullivan works fast: He’s already, with Brewer’s help, looking into booking tours; he’s already set the release date, though he hasn’t yet started recording with Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue, for the two — two! — discs he’s planning on simultaneously releasing, one a rock disc and one a jazz covers disc. (He’s booked that for May 5, at The Five Points Pub, by the way.) He’s started a Kickstarter account that he says has drawn attention and donations from all over the world, a benefit of his time in Sample’s ensemble. He’s fired up. He’s ready to go. “I’m crazy, and I’m impatient, and I just want to rock, and I want to get things done,” he says. “I can’t stop moving. I can’t stop thinking. I’m always having ideas.” Now, it”

“The Reggie Sullivan Band — Bassist Reggie Sullivan is one of the hardest working musicians around Columbia, but usually he’s backing up other musicians rather than leading the way. That’s all starting to change with the emergence of his eponymous band, a group which harnesses his seemingly endless energy into a Southern-fried R&B-gospel-funk-rock project, with Sullivan taking lead vocals as well as pounding it out on his acoustic bass. He’s built a crack band of young, powerhouse musicians surrounding him, but it is really Sullivan’s surprisingly lithe voice and concise hooks that makes the group one to watch. That, and they are really smokin’ hot live. K. Petersen ”