The Reese Boyd Project / Press

“”... And then there’s the opportunity to see a 10-year whale on the guitar. They say that Reese Boyd of Cartersville, who has been playing by ear since he was 4, is a child prodigy. See the accompanying video to determine for yourself. Already a veteran of the Atlanta jam scene, he has sat in with Grammy winners including Todd Smallie (who also performed Monday) of The Derek Trucks Band, as well as many of Atlanta’s best local musicians. And Monday night as he fluttered around those frets, taking control of the guitar and the stage, it was hard not to think, ‘this kid’s going places.’ ..."”

"The fountain of youth is alive and well, my friend... There is this one kid, goes by the name of, Reese Boyd. I tell you, this kid Reese flies around on the frets like he’s just tying his shoes. The Kid is just getting started, He’s ten years old." To all - This publication takes down their articles after a week or two. Glad I printed it before it was removed! - Mgmt