The Recently Deceased / Press

"The Recently Deceased has made a calling for themselves, and will easily become one that does not follow the crowd just embraces it." "a stage show that should not be missed" "each song delivering such an impact and impulse it truly does deliver"

"9.5 out of 10" "I did not find a single song that I didn’t like" "hit the album out of the park"

"They have been one of the Sidebar's most attendance eliciting local bands, always drawing in their long-standing fan base for a night of good-humored, fast-paced mayhem." "The Recently Deceased’s horror-driven lyrics and aggressive progressions leave the crowd pulsing with energy, utterly ripe for the reaping."

"Amazing live set" "Two great releases"

"Love the new album!!"

"living up to its punk roots while still showcasing a discernible level of talent that makes The Recently Deceased quite an enjoyable band". "Never Trust the Living is a fine album from a band that minces no words and gets right to the point, giving listeners a hard hitting dose of horror-tinged rock & roll perfect for celebrating Halloween year round."

"One of Maryland's hardest working bands" "This band has achieved so much virtually on their own."

“I have a new favorite band ! SMOKIN' !”

"Would love to work with them again"

"fun and, at times, insane live show" "These boys have a reputation for playing hard and playing music even harder, and they most certainly lived up to their reputation"

"The crowd roared" "songs such as “Wolf Bite” and “It Walks” were well known and could be heard from voices around the venue."

“Mention of our track "Deadly Friend" in Summer 2010 issue of "Traditional Rod and Kulture" Magazine. Review on pages 10-11. "I don't have time to dissect every song, but other great psychobilly tunes are the Recently Deceased with Deadly Friend..."”

“Mickey, Amelia & Spiegel is a local radio show that broadcasts out of Baltimore, Maryland, on WIYY, 98Rock (97.9 FM). The morning show runs Monday through Friday from 5:30AM-10AM, starring Mickey Cucchiella, Amelia Ryerse and Josh Spiegel with their producer Scott Reardon. Pauly was invited to the 98Rock studio during the morning show to promote our July 16th gig at SiNiX. While there our track DEVILS CADILLAC was played over the air to an estimated 166300 listeners.”

"brought out quite the following" "rousing energy"