The Rebirth / Press

“…one soul selection made the biggest impression…the Rebirth's This Journey In - 'that's coming on holiday with me’”

“THE REBIRTH came into town and KILLED PHILADELPHIA…I mean they dropped an ATOM (funk) BOMB on the city tonight….[The Rebirth is] kinda like pieces of everything that you like about Soul and Funk and Jazz, both separately and combined together….. strong musicianship, strong singing, a truly "unified band".”

“The Rebirth produced one of the best LP's of the last decade…their last single, "Love Issue", was classic Rebirth...”

“…Rebirth come thundering back with the most glorious and heavenly piece of Jazz Funk Imaginable…To be honest, I’m going to have trouble finding a better record than this instant classic this year, 10 out of 10 means perfect, so, ‘perfect’ it is. 10”

Snowboy - Blues & Soul Magazine

“...a storm of jazzy live action out of LA....solid R&B tinged tracks that remind us of the good old days of The Brand New Heavies and Jamiroquai's first albums and the original Giant Step parties...lots of thick, layered vocals mixed with inner city heat."”

URB Magazine

"This Journey In" named one of the Best Soul Albums of the 2000's.