The Rebel Noise / Press

“Great music requires one thing- that special feeling you get when you know there is no moment of truth like the one before you, that moment that transports you away from the ordinary world into a special haven of raw emotion and blissful bellowing, it’s a rapture wrapped inside a revival of what’s real, of all that matters. This is The Rebel Noise, a sonic wonder incapable of a whisper.”

“All the hard work by Rodriquez and his band mates has paid off, leading to some great songs and a unique sound that offers a mix of blues and hard rock. One of the band’s songs, “Possessed,” starts off with Rodriquez singing gently—and then shifts to full-on insanity, with a blast of heavy guitar and Rodriquez screaming...”

“Hearing The Rebel Noise for the first time at The Hood last Friday night, I was instantly reminded of the influential bands that made the 70s and 80s what they were musically. Their hard driving leads and rhythms, with pitch perfect vocals and truly catchy lyrics made me wonder why they have not been signed for a record deal yet.”

“If you have had the pleasure of seeing the bad-ass new band, The Rebel Noise, rockin the stage at AMFM fest or Bar on Palm Canyon, then you know the power of rapture they possess. If not, let me introduce you...”

“The Rebel Noise: Reflecting the influences of White Stripes and The Black Keys among others, this four piece band backing up front man, Leo’s powerful, haunting, emotional vocals has an alt/rock contemporary edge with an “in your face” straight up classic rock backdrop. This band’s original music reflects their wide range of contemporary and roots rock influences from Led Zeppelin to Foo Fighters. https://www.facebook.com/The.Rebel.Noise”