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“Young Drastic is a product of the introspective rap revolution. Very self-aware lyrics. Check out his chronicles.”

“This is Young Drastic’s new ep entitled ” The Black Crater : Moon Runner Chronicles ” . This tape stands out from the rest of his discography , you can really see him growing as an artist.This project shows his more poetic side and his beat selection complimented that to the fullest . I give this tape a 8 / 10 and my favorite tracks is ” Next Gen ” , ” Incoming Transmission ” , and i love ” Departure ” because it has that old Jay z feel to it . So with that said check out this tape and give feedback. For more of Drastic’s music go to : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Drastic”

“This video comes from YoungDrastic…..Drastic is a upcoming rapper from NC and real nice lyrically and the beat selection he chooses are flawless….on this song right here Fox Tail he gives us a lot of good lines such ” All caps nigga look at my computer screen..im a king with a growing buzz better den a queen” if you think that was DEF then click on this video and sniff his dopeness lol follow him on twitter @Young_Drastic_ for more of his music goto https://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Drastic/141187085933658 ”

“From listening to your music different Artists come to my mind: CashKlay {Bloggerview Guest} and Rap Artists The Farcyde, Q-Tip, Digable Planets, Slick Rick, and Shock G from Digital Underground. ”

“Young Drastic has released what I believe is his 10th mixtape. That’s a lot of rhymes, and a lot of hustle. ‘Sora’ is inspired by the anime “Air Gear”. Shout out to Drastic for shouting RapRise out on the back cover.”

“New mixtape from MusicFortheDef regular YoungDrastic. Click the download link and share your thoughts.”

“New music from YoungDrastic ….this is a def Remix!!! #DEFAPPROVED”

“This new mixtape comes from Young Drastic who happens to be a regular here on the MusicForTheDef blog. The mixtape presents a anime type feel that i know real hiphop heads would love to sitback and chill to so with thats said download this and let the epic/mellow beats and DEF flow make its way in ya ear. #DEFAPPROVED”

“New Song: The Crew (Crew Love Remix) - Young Drastic & The Weeknd check out this new def mix from YoungDrastic ….he kills this remix with his laid back vocals and smooth flow and gives us DEF lines as always so give it a spin. for more music go to http://www.youtube.com/user/ThisIsDrastic/videos”

“This new track comes from young drastic…on this beat with a freely spoken flow and a great concept its great and lines you cnt forget “just another sun like nash” “i mean i rap so i have to be gifted” #DEFAPPROVED check it out and give feedback for more music go to http://www.youtube.com/user/ThisIsDrastic https://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Drastic/141187085933658”

“With the sad news of Charles Hamilton retiring after puttin out great music….I have something that will cheer CH fans up….This is YoungDrastic or aka Charles Hamilton’s successor ..This is his tribute to the great artist thanking him for everything and i respect that so click the link and follow drastic on twitter @Young_Drastic_”

“(Dante) you're so f**king talented and amazing and you will definitely get somewhere in the music industry.”

lily Ivsan - Music feedback of Young Drastic