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“Over the past year or so, Torch Tuesday at Bar None has steadily transformed from a rap-oriented open mic night into a varied and exciting place for all elements of hip-hop culture -- not just MCs and DJs but poets, visual artists, photographers, fashion designers, and more --to gather and find expression. There's a lot of local and regional talent on display each week, but host Aaron "Uncanny" Phillips (pictured above) and scene godfather Howard "Torch" Tomas know there has to be more out there, waiting to be discovered. Check out Torch Tuesday's first official promo video, produced by Picture Perfect Photography in association with Game Ova Entertainment and come check out the action every Tuesday night at Bar None (corner of 5th and Monroe in Springfield).”

“Congrats to Aaron Phillips, winner of our fourth 8 Bar Contest. Aaron is our new reigning champ and has won a free copy of the Rap Rebirth Lyricist Guide (http://raprebirth.com/guide). Thank you to everyone who competed, you guys had some great verses. And special shout out to our runner up Evan Gerish, he was ahead for most of the voting period. Here's Aaron's winning verse... "It's kinda sad, Im the best at the worst things/ feel like half a dad, know how that hurt stings/ been livin fast, spending cash faster than work brings/chasing eternity, while living in the moment/with certainty that pressure makes gems or folds men/I've been, performing like aggasi early 90's open/smoother than young griffey's lefty bat motion/the epitome of rap, from the top I'm back stroking/while most lack the exact thing i'm soaked in/ 'Canny'"”

“Nobody can accuse the crowd at Torch Tuesday of not knowing how to party. Springfield’s most prominent showcase for regional hip-hop talent presented the second annual Torch Tuesday Awards on Jan. 22 at Bar None and it proved to be a marathon event, marked by the undeniable thrill of a creative community coming into its own. Hosted by MC Aaron “Uncanny” Phillips and founder Howard “Torch” Thomas, the evening began in a fairly low key around 8:30 with a catered meal of Italian food, but by 10:30 the joint was jumpin’. The revelry didn’t stop until the venue’s 2 a.m. closing time. “If you want the truth, it was a ton of fun,” Phillips confirms. “There was a lot of love in the room.” Most impressive to Phillips was the amount of mutual respect on display, especially in light of the heavily competitive nature of hip-hop as a whole. “Artists were showing respect for other artists.”

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“In response to the lack of participants in IT’s 2012 Best of Springfield hip-hop category, Aaron Phillips, a local hip-hop supporter, emailed information about the genre’s current situation in the capital city. Phillips is the present host of Torch Tuesdays, an open mic for rap and hip-hop artists held for more than three years every Tuesday night at Bar None. Named after Torch, an area resident, performer and community organizer, the weekly event attracts occasional artists from Peoria, St. Louis and Chicago, as well as local purveyors in the art of rapping, emceeing, disc jockeying, making dance music and other forms of the “hip-hop culture.” Along with Phillips as host, house DJ Yatti Dny keeps the music flowing and Picture Perfect photographers capture the moment, with Torch as the guiding light and philosophical leader of the movement.”