“Shits hot...Mr.Sneed endorsed. From the original Nati Boy! Gotta hold the city down.”

Mr. Sneed - Artist

“Hell yea! Y'all stay on your grind! Do your thang! Y'all are the best rappers I've heard from the Nati! Fa real! I always love to hear new spitters! And y'all beasts! I got love for tha Nati and y'all! y'all go hard! and I fanned y'all on reverbnation. My names lil h.a.z.e aka yung nati chyk! I'm a fan! Y'all will make it!”

Heather (Fan) - Somerset, Kentucky

“LOVE 'Smoke N Drank'....that's something I could picture hearing while out!!”

Amanda (Fan) - Bethel, Ohio

“Smoke N Drank is probably my favorite party song, has a nice chorus, beat, good to dance to. I like Ride or Die too though. It's a nice song to just ride to with the windows down and let the bass roll.”

Melanie (Fan) - Louisville, Ky

“SpitFire Came Thru And Blazed... Making Fire 4/4 ”

Fort Knocks Studios - The Almighty Monster Squad

“I appreciate the love! You guys have mad skill. I'm looking forward to that DFRNT MANE/ Spitfire track!! Keep doin ya thing homies.”

"Aye, real talk though, that Biggest Bosses goes absolute ham!!

Priceless Stoner (Producer/Engineer) - The Almighty Monster Squad (Louisville, KY)