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"She is an example to the young black women of America that you can be whatever you want and walk in it with confidence while staying grounded. We are Honored to give you more on the Queen of sensuality and you should know she is Apex Coture Royalty so we wont miss a beat." "She has been blessed beyond measures in her journey on a positive movement to spread love and sexuality in such a classy and prolific manner. We have never takin our radar off of her because she is soon to be a Grammy nominee."

"At one glance of this woman when in her presence, I promise you will be captivated man or woman...... B.DeVINE is SEXY. The kind of sexy that rubs off on ya. Just being around her and feeling her vibe, you feel like you're the sexiest person in the world. B.DeVINE is BEAUTIFUL inside and out. If you look into her eyes you will be taking yourself on a journey you would not want to see the end of. B.DeVINE's body is.........Hold up............That body is a problem. It's a problem because you're gonna want her. You're gonna fantasize about her. She's gonna be stuck in your head like she is in mine. I'm lovin it. She can stay forever... All of this happens when you see her. You will feel her. That's STAR power. "

“An Interview w/ B.DeVINE”

“You know I'm all about playing good music; I'm also about putting you in touch with some of the new music that is out there. If you like Jill Scott's musical vibe and music from Floetry and Lalah Hathaway, you will love the new music from B.DeVine. Also known as DeVine, this new lady of soul is a singer, songwriter and poet from Jacksonville, Florida.”

“an emerging Jacksonville, Florida based singer-songwriter-poet who’s lyrical and vocal style stir up an influence reminiscent of musicians such as Floetry, Jill Scott, and India.Arie.”

“B.DeVINE is excited to share “SoulBareHer” with the world. Once B.DeVINE’s project is unveiled, the temperatures in Florida may get a tad bit hotter thanks to this seductive entertainer.”

“Online interview with Tampa Mystic”

“The sexy B.Devine also fronted the vocals on the smooth and sentimental ‘Honey Dripper Lady,’ which is the first cut on the CD. (Tony T76 White, Street Love)”