The Ready Stance / Press

““…fresh, handsomely arranged songs..a lot of attention was paid to meaningful lyrics…high overall quality album” (via google translator)”

““Packed with reflective lyrics and subtle, introspective arrangements, this record is a masterful work of honest, gimmicks-free rock & roll from the heart of it all.””

““Refreshingly open-hearted rock ‘n’ roll songs – literate, urgent, determined, slightly earnest and totally unafraid to sweat… classic in the making? Could well be.””

““The sound of the wheat-land Midwest transmogrified into working class, clean rock n’ roll….Fans of Life’s Rich Pageant R.E.M. and The Long Ryders, take note.””

““This year’s proof that rock & roll is not dead””

“Damndest, elicits comparisons with the most venerated Americana.- The radio friendly melody and fusillade of guitars, chiming and overdriven, all seem instantly familiar but unforced and energized like the work of barroom virtuosos-”

“Damndest is loaded with strong melodies, some classic Pop/Rock harmonies, a sturdy rhythm section and some crafty but never flashy guitar interplay, while Pence’s lyrics are so clever and smart (dealing out stories, humor, social commentary and insight in equal measure), it’s almost as entertaining to just sit down and read the lyrics in the album’s insert.”