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“THE RAZORBLADE DOLLS were next and it was clear they are a local favorite. Metal combined with horror aspects you never know just what you’re going to get with this band visually or how far they’ll take things, but musically you know you’re going to get something amazing. And the band didn’t disappoint this night. Kicking it into high gear they built the momentum for RIVETHEAD’s set and brought in even more people from the streets outside Curtain Club. Continue reading on Examiner.com Rivethead rocks Curtain Club for CD release show - Dallas Concerts | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/concerts-in-dallas/rivethead-rock-curtain-club-for-cd-release-show-review#ixzz1oan6jzOe”

“When they're not sawing through pigs' heads on stage, they're piercing your eardrums with intense guitar riffs and ground-shaking drumbeats." - GRANT V. ZIEGLER (newsregisteronline.com)”

Grant V. Ziegler - newsregistor

“If there was any doubt, this disc ends the argument – The Razorblade Dolls are the kings of industrial metal here in Dallas (and probably well beyond!). The band took a long time getting this disc to the street, obviously making sure it was absolutely perfect. The Dolls do an outstanding job of mixing instrumentation and sound effects, keeping the soundscape interesting but not desperate or cluttered. Vocalist Mr. Smith spews venomous rage thru a finely tuned screech that brings chills to your spine while the band does the same thru wicked, restrained pounding and creepy synthesized madness. Long-time fan favorite “They Kill” is the centerpiece, surrounded by a powerful collection of fist-pumping, head-banging tunes like “The Wrists,” “Detachable Souls” and “Black Sky.” Anyone who digs the harder side of NIN should track this CD down. Start looking at myspace.com/ therazorbladedolls. (MB)”

Mark Benevent - LIT MONTHLY