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“Hailing from Gothenburg Sweden and playing what they describe as “GRUNGEADELIC SPACEPUNK”. The Razed lay claim to being the natural successors to bands such as The Clash and the MC5, and are getting this review of their 11 track debut album simply due to the fact that for once this is a band that actually lives up to such an audacious PR claim. Having had the audacity to post a video link to their band on the Uber Rock Facebook group page, something I must admit that normally send shudders through URHQ, clicking on the link took me through to a video that actually turned out to be this album’s opening track. The song ‘Energy Transfer’ bristling with electricity, driven along by the type of guitar riff that Billy Duffy was dishing out to arenas worldwide during the eighties, and boy what an interesting voice, I was immediately intrigued, and had to hear more.”

“All in all, the plate is quite varied and The Razed lead us through all kinds of different soundscapes , where the sometimes gnarly , sometimes wonderfully fragile and emotional voice of Byrne turns out to be a real plus point . It is expected that The Razed will appeal not only to a purely metal audience. The boys are rather aiming a wide diversification within their (future) Annex. Here you will find many musical ideas, implemented songwriting which is compelling, and at the end of this five straight points. Dennis Fuchs”

“That's what I call an international composition: Singer and guitarist Paul Byrne from England, drummer Joe Tyburn, despite its name, a German passport and bassist Skiddy Jarnvik enjoys the musical education of the Swedish state. Right there, the trio has now got down and can smoke the strings. And what happens when you lock the three guys together in the rehearsal room? Then there comes out a very pleasing hard rock. And no one raises any claim to innovative design, exceptional horsepower numbers or extremely modern interior (damn, I'm too busy lately with cars). That's when rock and roll groundrules apply nothing more than what is necessary, as long as it´s the correct attitude and the right songs. Using Grungeadelic Space Punk as a description of its sound. It says exactly much as Schmusaluda Röbazebl, but somehow sounds better. Anyone who gets two personal invitations to play from the legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go club on Sunset Boulevard, has done something right.”

“Hooked On Music Review in English The trio from Gothenburg THE RAZED have been active since 2009. They have now served up their debut album. They have recorded a cocktail of Glam Rock, Alternative, Kick Ass, Classic Rock (Asked to Leave The Cult), Rock N roll and a shred of Punk. Placed somewhere between THE HELLACOPTERS, BACKYARD BABIES,(and to drop not only Swedish band names) MOTORJESUS. And here in Berlin they have acquired more notoriety than in the land of the moose. And they are not without some merit. The self selected description “GRUNGEADELIC SPACEPUNK” is more of a gimmick and with it´s vagueness leads to a misleading musical headline. The sound is more free rocking to the liver with a lot of groove. You will notice the live quality of THE RAZED from various social media, and you will notice their enthusiasm.......”

“THE RAZED ALBUM REVIEW 30 May 2013 For a soundtrack for the midnight hours of romance and smooching, Scandinavian rock bands are seldom responsible. It mostly goes off hard and heavy . This is also true for the trio THE RAZED from Sweden: Paul Byrne (vocals, guitar), Skiddy Jarnvik (bass) and Joe Tyburn (drums) They let their typical rock crash substantially. However the three Gothenburgers put in their debut album (label: The Musical Steam Works) a lot of energy and high pressure amplified rock, but also tuneful riffs and real melodies. This reminds me now and then of bands like Golden Earing. (Translation from German) ”

“Just before the weekend I got to hear the debut album from a band called THE RAZED from Sweden but now resident here in Berlin. The trio has the classic hard rock/rock`n´roll old school flavour. However the mix is really fresh and gets into your skin. Eventually you find yourself smiling and tapping your feet. Whether it´s “ENERGY TRANSFER”, “ ONE FINGER SALUTE” or “BLADERIDER”. It´s fun , dark fun. Listen to these party rock animals. THE RAZED have similarities to Mönchengladbach Hard Rock formation MOTORJESUS or to GUN BARREL from Cologne , But they still have enough originality to stand out as much more than just a copy. In addition the sound is coloured by streaks of THE DOORS, IGGY POP AND THE STOOGES, a little BLUE ÖYSTER CULT and less somber moments of NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS on “ONCE AND FOR ALL”. What an interesting cocktail ! , and not a bad debut album. If you are a fan of catchy,rapid,flaky power rock with lots of groove that runs into your ear”

“ Booking! Hi, we are interested in working with your band. Please contact us to talk about some possible dates in the future! Bekah Stern Assistant Booking Agent Whisky A Go-Go (310)652-4202 ”

Bekah Stern - Whiskey A Go-Go

“Hey Guys – we recently received a message from you and we thought we’d reach out and see if you were interested in playing The Whisky A Go-Go. If so, please fill out the form below and let us know when you’ll be in LA, and we’ll get back to you with what we have available. Thanks! Band Name: Contact name: Phone Number: Location of band: Myspace URL: Genre: Age Range of Members: Availability: Mark Whisky Booking Assistant 310-652-4202 #17”

Mark - Whiskey A Go-Go

“Selin Güngör My interview with the most likable band from sweden. watch this and have fun =) es muss LAUTER sein: The Razed in Berlin esmusslautersein.blogspot.com”

“ONCE AND FOR ALL... wow... I can't stop listening ”

Sylvia De Sousa - FAN United Kingdom Calderdale

“hi Im really enjoying listening to your music. Hope to see you guys live one day :) Ill send a link to your page to all my friends. Is it possible to buy your cd with paypal? Thanks”

Kirk - FAN

“You are amazing. Thanks so much for all the great music you have written! jarvis”

Jarvis Durham - FAN United States Arizona Scottsdale

“Hey! So first of all I love your music! It is so amazing! I was wondering, what the inspiration to the song panic room was. Thanks so much :)Terri ”

Terri - FAN United States Oklahoma Tulsa

“Guys, you are a tremendous band. I listen to your music nearly every single day and even my girlfriend, who doesn't enjoy this kind of music normaly, feel emotional to your music. I wish you all the best. Dudley”

Dudley - FAN United States Wisconsin Lannon

“I love your music. I haven't had a chance to see you in concert but hopefully soon! Jason”

FAN Washington D.C.

“what can i say , the music from you make me happy... ”

Amanda - FAN United States Texas the valley

“Hi! I feel you guys have got your sound and energy tuned in perfect and feel PANIC ROOM is your best song. Much respect ”

Liz Cuella - FAN California La Puente

“Top tracks from The Razed: Thorny Rose. People who like The Razed also like Whale, Makthaverskan. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with ... - Cachad”

“The Razed: Thorny rose. Genre: Rock. – En klassisk rock’n’roll-låt, med modernt handlag. Texten är en parodi på livet, om ett stormigt äktenskap, skämtsam men med lite undertoner. Den svänger!”