The Raving Knaves / Press

"An unholy marriage of high octane late ’60s Detroit rock’n’roll and late ’70s English mod rock.”

Jordan Green - Triad City Beat

"The power pop masters..."

"An unnerving love of sweaty bar rock."

Lewie Peckham - For the Love of Punk

“Their sound seems to take from Bomp! Records…power pop and…sweaty bar rock.”

“Like any classic punk act, they play fast and put forth a wall of overpowering, yet melodic sound. They draw their primary influences from British second-wave punk and though the likes of Lou Reed and Iggy Pop are also deeply entrenched in their sound, it’s no fluke that McLean’s style is derived from the era in which he first started writing music.”

“classic punk rock sound.”

“Though the Raving Knaves have been playing together for over two years, their story really goes back much further than that, to the roots of punk in the late 1970s and the college/underground music scene of the 1980s and early ‘90s. Dave McLean, Adrian Foltz and Daniel Bayer each bring with them a musical past that, when joined with those of the other two, forms the backbone of the Knaves’ observational songwriting, punchy melodic sound and powerful live performances.”