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The Raven Charter / Press

“The first thing that jumps out at me from Reset, North Texas prog-rock outfit Raven Charter’s third record, is its sonic perfection: perfectly played, perfectly recorded, with time signatures switching back and forth like an F-1 car navigating rush hour. The vocals zoom and echo in front of you like a bat zinging around a crystal cavern, while nervy guitar arpeggios intertwine. Check “The Antagonist” for what I mean, because that track sounds like a tune from a Zelda game set in space. The guitars, limned in a Sears Christmas catalog’s worth of tightly wielded effects pedals, slither and slink like a pair of cybernetic snakes. It’s a thrilling moment, third from the album’s final track, and when it leads into the “Edge,” it makes you remember that prog doesn’t only mean King Crimson and Dream Theater but that At the Drive-In was prog for people too cool for 2112.”

“In some ways, this was the best show I’ve seen them do recently (and by that I mean out of the two other TRC shows I’ve seen this year). Part of that was probably because this was fairly high profile show. Not only were they playing Trees, they were also opening for their good friends in Nothing More, and you could tell they stepped it up from the A game that usually bring in the first place. The show this night just had a more polished feel to it then even those others in question, and by the time they were done, they had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand. They’re just more of a unique rock band, from the blend of harmonies found on some songs, to just the interesting twist on rock music, and their new record is going to turn some heads. I’m not saying it’ll be on a national scale (though that would be great), but I sense it will.”

“What a show this was. In some ways, I even liked more than that Dallas one back on the 17th, because they had more time to not only play more music, but also be more themselves (i.e. the joking), as they weren’t quite as rushed. If you’re looking for a phenomenal live band who knows how to handle themselves on stage and deliver a crowd pleasing performance, then you’re not going to find many better than The Raven Charter. In fact, watching them this night, it was hard not to think of how far they’ve come. It was sometime around ’09 or ’10 when I first saw them, and even then they set their shows apart from many other bands, and have since only tightened things up, putting them on a whole other level. Not only that, but even stylistically they’ve changed (are changing) their sound, but their music still retains the core elements that make them The Raven Charter in the first place.”

“For one reason or another, The Raven Charter is one of those bands I don’t see just too often, but I’m perpetually blown away by them, and after seeing a show think to myself, “I need to see these guys more often.” Those harmonies they employ on so many of their songs, and just their music in general is highly original, ensuring they’re not your typical rock band. The raw energy they pack into their show is also better than most, and yes, they’re all excellent musicians. Especially Anthony, who’s just an outstanding and vigorous bass player.”

“Headlining The Chuggin’ Monk that night will be The Raven Charter, who may not be a band that is known by every single local music fan, but they should be. Their live performances are nothing short of mind-blowing, and you see a six-piece rock outfit that is perfectly in tune with one another. Explosive and dynamic are just two words that come to mind to describe their shows; a type of show you can only get after spending years together (they began in 2005) and constantly doing live shows to perfect their chemistry on stage. It’s a performance that can rival many national touring acts, while their music has a truly creative edge to it, and while it’s rooted in rock, there’s quite a bit of a forward-thinking progressive rock element thrown in. And to ensure they’re not just your typical rock band, there are more than a few tracks that utilize two and even three part harmonies from some of the members. (Listen to “No Direction” and “Kidnapping”.)”

““I’ve heard about them and they are an amazing band,” she said. ”The band sounds so professional and put together. This was my first time watching them and they killed it. I cannot think of a better band to end Rocktober with..."”

“...the instrumentals are tight, there is a tasteful amount of synth work, and the vocals are emotive. This is a progressive band that still knows what a groove is, and that can move from dirty and alternative to polished and harmonious without you ever noticing the gear change. Having seen a more than a few local prog acts (and having played in a couple), I know that most of them suffer from a lack of stage presence. Musicians of this ilk tend to be a tad introspective in the first place, and if the band is good enough, that will carry the weight. Raven Charter is not one of those bands. These guys have the stage show down, they have the rock-star stance, and Sosa’s hair seems to defy gravity (is hair-prog a genre?). They are as much fun to watch as to listen to. For a good feel of who these guys are about, check out the band on its YouTube page. The video for No Direction is a nicely shot performance vid with good audio. And be sure to check them live when you get a chance.”

“Are you ready to rock? You need to ask yourself that question first before jumping aboard this musical locomotive called The Raven Charter. This a very talented band at all positions. The lead vocals are incredibly strong and the musicianship is top notch. They cover some ground with their music... going from rock, to more heavy sounds with a metal edge and some progressive elements become obvious to add even more flavor to their sound. The Raven Charter is a band to get excited about. I certainly feel they have a bright future ahead of them”

“It was killer set, and I’m glad I’m finally seeing more of their shows now then I had there for awhile, because their two to three part harmonies make them one of the most unique Rock bands in the scene right now, and they’re also one of the best.”

"... these guys are less of a 'band', and more of a breathing chronicle to a story that they're unfolding, song by song."