The Rats of New York / Press

““…tight, attitude-laden songs that will shake your hips like a jukebox full of the Ramones …rough-hewn drums and Kitty G. Litter’s bass rattle at lightning speed. But just when it seems like the music is spinning out of control, the unpredictable East Coast band can slow down to crank up brilliant beer-soaked ballads.””

San Francisco Chronicle

“Loud guitars, rattling beats and flirtatious vocals still vibrate in my ears when I think of that Friday night. The Rats' gig that night was many things and forgettable wasn't one of them. Despite the speed and intensity of their musical output, you're more likely to get blisters on your feet than on your eardrums.”

“3 TIME MAXIMUMROCKNROLL TOP TEN LIST August 2013, August 2010 and 2007 ”