The Rationales / Press

““The Distance In-between” is a quantum leap forward for The Rationales – a terrifically cohesive record that is sure to please fans of pop rock that have a closet fetish for a pinch of alt-country”

“This is one of the best songwriting outfits in New England music today.”

“A fine hooks-and-harmonies power-pop band...”

"Finely wrought, lushly layered pop that sounds effortless in its execution. On the band’s breezy yet burnished follow-up to “The Going and the Gone’, singer-guitarist David Mirabella drives the quintet through 10 tracks that tackle what the title promises. Winning tracks like “Tongue Tied’’ and “Burned Again’’ explore the emotional as well as physical spaces that mark the distance between getting from here to there (whatever your emotional “there’’ may be), while others (“Another Moon,’’ featuring Buffalo Tom’s Bill Janovitz on backing vocals) take stock of the places you end up. “Real Life,’’ which opens the album on a strong note, examines both sides of the equation with a power pop flair fringed with alt-country detail."

“Sparkling pop tunes all around... last year’s disarmingly excellent debut EP, “The Going and the Gone,’’ which proved one of the finer entries in the local music sweepstakes - are the calling cards of a quintet that expertly blends power-pop guitar crunch with a dash of country-rock flavor.”

Jonathan Perry - Boston Globe

“a cool mix of big star and kinks like poppiness and wilco and the jayhawks inspired rootsy jingle jangle. my ears were like putty in their hands. ”

- - Captain's Dead

“The Rationales hang on to what makes a great record: chords that count, melody, backing vocals! straight ahead, earnest, punchy rock, with solid vocals, intelligent guitar dynamics and lines here and there that sink a little deeper. On The Going and The Gone, Real songs played from the heart. ”

-- Chris LeRoy, Songwriter. - Cracker/ The BellRays/ The SongBook

“A promising band that delivers not just on that promise, but lays it down completely alongside all that promise with material that makes a the perfect introduction to a band we look forward to more of. ”

- - Not Lame

“The Rationales "Radio" "Standout Jams of 2012" -- Boston rock veterans continue to deliver hook-laden songs immune from trends or fickle demands.”

“Following a strong showing in this year's Rock 'n' Roll Rumble, it wasn't much of a surprise that the Rationales would go over big at the Middle East upstairs last Friday. Dishing up power-pop, sometimes with an Americana tint, the five-piece were making their debut appearance at the venue, a highlight on a strong bill. The Rationales ramped up the energy in the room from the start with "No Guarantees," from their 2008 EP The Going and the Gone. But it was "Drunk All the Time" that kicked it up a notch. The title pretty much sums it up, and, creeping past 11 pm, a well-lubricated Cambridge crowd — even those hearing the song for the first time — were singing along loudly by the second chorus, holding Narragansett tallboys high. A great deal has been made about this year's single, "Radio," and deservedly so — the song is fantastic. Mirabella keeps getting stronger as a songwriter, as made evident by new songs like "Little Bit."”

“Hailing from Boston, [The Rationales] come packed with a punch of blues rock, country twang, heavy hits, soulful vocals. Here is why you don’t want to miss these guys. David Mirabella, the front man. The guitar guy. The man who plays his music with such passion you feel it coming through in the way he delivers a line on the guitar, or how his lyrics fit beautifully with the melody. He finds a way to make their sound so easily accessible for the listener. Their music reminds me of the late 90's early 2000's. There are the memorable choruses, that make you want to sing along after only hearing it once, or the oohh section that everyone loves to sing at the top of their lungs. An introduction to a song that gets your toe tapping, head bobbing, hips swaying, maybe a little jumping up and down? That’s what these guys will bring with them on Saturday night. Take a listen to their music, but trust me on this one, the live show is amazing.”

“One of the best songwriters in Boston, David Mirabella's The Rationales have become one of the city's best live offerings. On the new one; The Distance In Between, the alt-country and Americana influences for these audio aficionados shines through. But it's in the live shows where you see the awesome guitar, bass and drums reinforce the rock trapped inside those songs. The Rationales are one fun live act - proven with their victory on Night One of this year's Boston Rock 'n Roll Rumble.”