The Rare Birds / Press

“Following behind them were Rare Birds, a band that recently moved to Austin from (Cleveland). This was the real surprise of the day. The three piece act, sans bass, managed to wrestle some amazing riffs into the tightly wound machine that is their band. With a sound that draws on Zep, Queens of the Stone Age, and maybe a little Black Keys, this is definitely an act to watch.”

“What a great time as Pat, Jim and Matt welcomed back Rare Birds to the Inner Sanctum studios! Not only did they debut a new track but played 3 great songs live!”

“They are all kicking the ass of the Cleveland music scene. The Evil Elite just won Battle of the Bands at Hard Rock, Post Vinyl had an awesome write up in the Cleveland Scene, The Doctor Teeeth have been selling out shows all over town, and The Rare Birds rocked out at the Rock Hall this past summer.”

“In addition to complimentary tours of the Rock Hall and its exhibits, guests were treated to performances by local bands and the legendary Todd Rundgren. Melange’s Melange and Happy Dog’s Evil Eye opened up the show. After that, The Rare Birds performed for the Greenhouse Tavern closing their set out with one of my favorites, She’s Smokin Hot. Cream of the Crop closed the night with a guest performance by Todd Rundgren. When Steve Schimoler – owner/chef of Crop and founder of Cleveland Food Rocks – was interviewed by The Plain Dealer, he noted how Rundgren performed for free in support of the Rock Hall and Cleveland’s food scene - both of which he’s a fan.”

“Just listen to the songs available on therarebirdsofcleveland.com. "Possible Conversations" recalls Queens of the Stone Age, while "Black Summer" and "Whistling Bones" are sludgier and more groove-oriented. The band used its West Side practice space (conveniently located behind Cleveland Lumber) as a recording studio and self-produced its upcoming album. "It's not that heavy," says Boyer. "We love riffs and everything. The Dr. Teeeth would have made these songs really heavy. It's more of a spacey and atmospheric and melancholy feeling than a stoner-rock kind of approach."”

"With a heavy soul and garage-based sound that’s coupled with layers of harmonized vocals from all three musicians, The Rare Birds are definitely worth checking out on Friday as they perform a couple of Hank Williams and Neil Young covers in addition to their own songs."