The Rankin Twins / Press

“Claimed as "Eleven Musicians/Bands That Will Be Household Names by the End of 2012"”

“2011 Roadie Award Winner "Miss Red Dirt Darling"”

KVET Roadie Awards

“The Rankin Twins are fantastic live but they manage to put that same excitement into their recorded music as well. The elevator only goes one way for these ladies up, all the way to the top of the Texas music scene. Just when we were ready for something fresh not re hashed and unique instead of the same ol thing done just a little different along come The Rankin Twins! Listeners cant seem to get enough of their daily Rankin fix.”

Trailboss Troy - KTEX- KWHI

“One thing we music-loving journalists live for is those all too rare magical moments when you hear an act and immediately say, wow, they’ve got it!”

Rob Patterson - Music Journalist and Critic

“These charming gals, Amy and April have a nice refreshing west Texas twang sound that is easy on the ears.”

Dave Whitney - Threadgill's & Saxon Pub

“As performers the Rankin Twins are charismatic and confident and as a result, very effective at engaging the audience. Their blend of harmonies and accuracy of pitch in a live setting, show how truly talented these girls are”

Joe Belmez - Belmez Entertainment

“The Rankin Twins, Amy and April have quickly taken the Texas country/pop circuit by storm. In support of their EP, Headaches & Heartbreaks they and their hard driving band are getting the attention of venues wherever they play. With each performance they gain the experience which I predict will take them to the next highest level in this business. Their harmonies can be sweet to the ears or just as easily switched to a sultry sound that just makes you move to their music. I really look forward to others labeling what they hear as the "Rankin Sound".”

Gary Blake - Bad Blake Entertainment Consultants