Liam Fitzgerald and the Rainieros / Press

“Liam Fitzgerald of The Rainieros Declares "Last Call!"”

“From honky tonk to western swing, The Rainieros enthusiastically embrace many of the best qualities found in classic country music. And band leader, chief singer-songwriter and rhythm guitarist Liam Fitzgerald has pulled all of his country music influences together in a way that makes Last Call! one of my favorite CD's to come out of the Seattle area roots music scene in quite a few years.”

Jim Hilmar - Frettin' Fingers - KSER 90.7 FM / www.kser.org

“I love songs written and played in the style of the golden age of hillbilly music (for me that’s the 1940’s to the 1960’s). And Liam Fitzgerald And The Rainieros definitely perform and record in that style. Liam is a fine songwriter and his tunes have some great hooks and tag lines. The 15 songs feature recording styles and arrangements from two periods spanning the golden age of hillbilly music: the early to mid 1960’s country sound and the stripped down honky tonk/hillbilly style of the 1950’s. As I like to say on my radio show – Bad Decisions, Big Mistakes is a Frettin’ Fingers Favorite!”

“As one of— if not the—most unadulerated country bands on the entire REVERBfest bill, the Rainieros offer up honky tonk country music like real cowboys drink whiskey: straight up.”