The Radials / Press

“...the Radials make music the way it was done before rock and roll, when your favorite band was likely the local guys who got together to play every Friday at your neighborhood bar. They’re like a classic car that gains value with the passage of time instead of the hot new model.”

“Archeologist Shawn Patch loves his job. But sometimes, he needs an outlet for the music he hears in his head. He put together an acoustic duo a few years ago, and then started adding musicians. That duo has now grown to a full-fledged Americana band called The Radials. Host Frank Stasio will talk to The Radials about their new EP Five More Miles.”

“Patch’s countrypolitan guitar sound isn’t overcomplicated by the intermittent presence of keyboards, lap and pedal steel, and accordion; instead the appointment of every instrument is carefully considered to create a fluidity that allows new vocalist Aubrey Shamel’s lilting voice to stand out...”

“...the band has gelled into a formidable quintet whose melodic vocals and diverse styles range from slow love ballads to freestyle jams reminiscent of the Grateful Dead and the String Cheese Incident”