The Racer / Press

“The album Passengers is a work of true versatility that features a sound portrayed with a great passion and musicianship. With tones comparable to U2, piano workings similar to The Fray, and hard hitting guitars straight out of a heavy post-rock album, these guys get it right.”


“The Racer’s sophomore full-length (though the first under this moniker), Passengers, is a dark and moody record of layered songs. With hints of Radiohead, Joy Division, and U2, The Racer has created an album that is lush with an atmosphere that overtakes the listener.”

Oklahoma Lefty

“The Racer’s newest album Passengers has all the elements you would want in an album. Songs such as ‘Celebrate’ and ‘In Stereo’ will leave you dancing, while songs such as ‘Settle’ and ‘Impact’ showcase raw emotion.”