The Quivers / Press

"The new release Hot Young Mess is a blast of early rock and roll that never lets up from the first track to the last. This band knows the fundamental rules of real rock and roll: hit 'em hard, make it fast, and move on to the next song."... "This album is one of the best pure rock and roll albums to ever come out of KC. Hearing the intensity of this album, one can only imagine how much more intense they are live."

"The Quivers play a rowdy bit of Kansas City rock’n'roll culled from the bygone days of pomade and sock hops. And their March release, Hot Young Mess, is No. 16 on Lawrence, Kanasas’s KJHK’s chart."


"...leave those poodle skirts behind. Or better yet, trade them in for some blood-red lipstick and heels to match. This is not the band you bring to the sock hop, but it is the band you go see when you feel like getting dirty. "

"The Quivers are your new rockabilly rebel rousers"

"The Quivers' new EP, aptly titled Gots To Have It!, serves up 13 minutes of raucous music that you can dance to, straight up!" "The Quivers play rock n’ roll that is sometimes soulful, sometimes rockabilly, sometimes country, sometimes…well—sometimes it’s hard to classify just what they do best! One thing is for certain; they are the perfect entertainers for pretty much any given night. You will smile, and you will quiver, when that band—the one straight from the garage on Sex Appeal St.— thrusts upon you when you – Gots To Have It!"

“• “Gots to Have It!,” the Quivers: This local band holds nothing back on their freshly released second EP “Gots to Have It!” The album’s title track is shamelessly good old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll that blasts through pretensions. With brazen, roaring vocals from commanding frontwoman Terra Peal (Skaggs), along with help from pounding keys, tight drumbeats and a smoldering rockabilly guitar, the Quivers show that they’re ready to take over Kansas City, one song at a time.”

"Kansas City's Motown napalm darlings, The Quivers followed Drop A Grand. A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n’ roll, a little bit Carrie Fisher with a flamethrower, their groovy tunes really got Ricardo dancing. Their set was quick, no nonsense, and a hell of a lot of fun. The well-dressed band jumped from song to song, never letting the sweaty crowd get too much of a break from the groovy vintage tunes. The set really picked up steam in the second half when vocalist Terra Peal let her voice play in the sandbox a little. Her vocals carry a combination of pure power and snarl that contrasts wonderfully with the organ and guitars beneath."

"What if there is no secret to the universe? What if there are only loud, driving guitars, tube amplifiers, thumping bass runs & maniac drumbeats? The singer's glorious voice peeled the paint slowly off the fucking wall with angry-sex-voodoo curse."

"The band was dressed in sharp suits and ties (with frontwoman Terra Peal (Skaggs) wearing a party dress and heels). I looked down at my cargo shorts and trainers and immediately felt underdressed. It's over 100 degrees in Kansas City, who has that sort of commitment to fashion? Evidently The Quivers do. The Kansas City quartet began with several soul-fuelled garage rock numbers that could have been lost tracks by ? And the Mysterians or The Standells. I was delighted by the familiarity of it all... " "All that dancing, all that sweat, and only a 20-minute set. That's a sure sign that something good was happening. Ultimately it would be revealed that The Quivers drew the biggest crowd of the night."

"...the debut EP from The Quivers is a delight to the ears. Fronted by Terra Peal (Skaggs), the four-piece group is a powerful force of rock 'n' roll mixed with an old-school Motown sensibility. The group is propelled by Peal's (Skaggs) strong stage presence and Tina Turner-esque vocals, but its staying power comes from having a tight musical backbone. Abraham Haddad's guitar riffs come second nature to him much of the time, while Todd Grantham channels old Motown sounds on the keys. With a solid and sometimes jazzy backbeat, Bernard Dugan sets the foundation of the music. The stand-out track on this album is "Shake Me," a song that showcases Peal (Skaggs) at her best: with a raw, melodic voice and a brazen boldness. She plows through the song with a purpose, and an enhanced strength from driving rhythm and a wailing axe. And every song on this quick 4-track album does just that. And that's why we like it."