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“One of the most exciting things about folk music is how often it changes. Dozens of singers have worked and reworked old legends like “John Henry” and “Stackalee,” freely blending fact, fiction, and myth. At every step in the process, the story moves a little further from real history, but then also comes to express deeper truths about where it’s been and where it’s going. The Quiet American’s Wild Bill Jones project, a concept album about the legendary man’s life, has a similar feel. Mixing gorgeous original compositions with traditional and contemporary ballads about love, betrayal, and death, Wild Bill Jones adds rich perspective to the familiar story, while also adding a new layer of myth to the legend. The traditional “Keys to the Kingdom” is not a boast by Jones’ defiant killer, and Daniel Johnston didn’t write “True Love Will Find You in the End” about Jones’ onetime lover Posey. But, together with stunning original works by the husband and wife duo”

"Wild Bill Jones is a hand-crafted concept album, and as such, it is best enjoyed in its entirety. But what a concept, and what an execution, we find in this rootsy, well-curated pastiche of covers and originals which husband and wife duo Aaron and Nicole Keim have strung together to retell the myth of “original rounder” Jones, the young girl he seduces, and the mystery man who brings a dubious salvation to the pair through the death of the titular character: sweet and bittersweet, tonally rich and totally timeless, with traditional fiddle and fingerplucked tunes and a surprisingly apt album-closing take on a Daniel Johnston classic that adeptly collapses the mythos of hope and despair." - http://coverlaydown.com/

“Old timey songs that sound modern, modern songs that sound old timey. Warm vocals, tremendous playing, shading, pitch and presentation...through spectral production and reverential execution, they sound both current and from that bygone era. There’s genuine love in these songs, such is their warmth...As for his own compositions, they’re tremendous. Subtly indie singer songwriter types, they transcend that pigeon hole with old timey stylings and Keim’s phrasing, both lyrically and in his playing...The Quiet American Volume 2 is a paradoxical album in some ways. A very modern sounding album of very old sounding songs.”

“ Truly, this a lovely album. Clear vocals swimming through a waterfall of well crafted notes. Stand out tracks: I Will Be The One, made even more wonderful by Nicole's backing vocals, and KC Jones rocks-a-little - thanks to Katie Glassman's fine fiddle. Aaron should be proud of The Quiet American Vol 2. His steady hand is on the tiller throughout. His very listenable voice guides the listener on, and on, and on. It's a cd that is sure to stay on the player from song one to song eleven, Black Jack Daisy. 10/10 Mark Watkins Blast1386 (Reading, UK)”

Blast1386 (Reading, UK)

"Aaron Keim is making some mighty big contributions to the American songbag, with old songs that sound fresh, and new songs that sound like classics.  His musical chops are in a neck and neck race with his great taste.  His listeners are the lucky ones, as he wins, places, and shows."

Joe Newberry

“-Aaron Keim comes at his dusty Americana from a decidedly intellectual perspective, but that doesn’t make the songs on “The Quiet American, Vol II” any less honest or earnest. The album’s 11 tracks — played on banjos, guitars and ukeleles built by Keim himself — simultaneously recall a simpler time and suggest a very modern approach to acoustic music.”

-Denver Post

“Perhaps the most interesting aspect to Keim’s work is that he literally brings history to life in the way he tackles his music. And yet, somehow in bringing the past to life, by weaving subtle modern indie-rock elements into his stuff, Keim breathes new life into the music–and what is old is new again.  Pretty amazing, when you think about it.”

-Oomph music blog, Denver, CO