"A lot of people don't want to get involved in politics when it comes to art," Bardo says. "They're afraid to stand for something. Well, I'm sorry. I can't just sit around and allow these criminals and these dark spirits to just destroy civilization and not do anything about it.".... "Once somebody asked me: Are you the light bulb or the energy the lights the light bulb? I'd like to think of myself more as the energy that lights the light bulb. We're all part of the same tapestry of consciousness. We all exist as a part of the light, as a part of this subterranean river of energy that exists in everything that is alive. And there's just this small percentage of people that just don't want to live in the light. It's not that one person necessarily changes anything. But if that one person inspires 10 people who inspire 10 people, all of a sudden, things gain momentum. Then the uprising happens. And we're all about the uprising."

"...On stage, Bardo and Linna use guitar, saxophone, organ, accordion, didgeridoo, wine jugs and railroad lanterns. They sing and do spoken-word rants through megaphones, and invite collaborations from other musicians and poets. In Bardo's words, their performance is as a "ceremony of life that belongs more to the audience than to the shaman who leads it." The Questions are not, in case you haven't figured it out, a conventional music group with mere rock band ambitions..."

"...America, in the post 9/11 world, finds itself seven years on, more than five of which have been spent in war, with 4,460 casualties and counting. Drew Bardo, singer and guitarist of local rock quartet The Questions, speaks to me of complacency, egocentricity and cruelty — three traits degenerating the human race, each sufficiently massaged and fed by the great numbing power of thin screens on glowing boxes spewing distorted information and a constant parade of distractions..."

"...We consciously decided to make the project very improvisational and raw. It dipped into the philosophical attitudes of people like Vonnegut and Kerouac, well, the majority of the beat scene for that matter, that art and music only thrives in the current moments’ energy and thoughts...that it should be created and then left alone to float into space, never to be developed any further...”

"...Drew may be shirtless when he slithers and struts onto the stage, his face concealed by a red Mardi Gras bird mask, brandishing a bull-horn and sermonizing freestyle poetry over the possessing rhythms of his accomplice and beatnik brother, Will Linna, whose face is enwrapped with a bandanna and sunglasses..."

“ ..."The Questions started things out with a frenetic set of experimental psychabilly rock – think of early Meat Puppets or Butthole Surfers with even more blues and less punk influences. They capped off their set in a Dead Kennedys-esque jam, at the end of which Drew Bardo dove off the stage while everyone else smashed up the drum kit. What a way to start the night!"... .”