The Quarantined / Press

“Tāpat Rudaks sarunājas ar Kasparu Grīnbergu, kurš bungas stabili spēlē trijās dažādu stilu muzikālajās grupās - SlaveState, The Quarantined un Pain, Love n'War.”

““Feeding You Lies” and the band’s album Antiquate Hate suggest a new generation is ready to competently take up the rap-rock protest mantle.”

“With an close resemblance to the revolutionary hard rock of Rage Against the Machine, “Feeding You Lies” incorporates influences from metal, alternative rock, and an untamed electronic spark.”

"The sound could cause quite the scare in those who are afraid to give music with some bite a real chance." -- Coming up Magazine"

"Amazing instrument sound. Love the beginning of this song. Very energetic and hardcore. Definately a song with a lot of emotion and feelings. Lyrics easy to follow and understand. I enjoyed this song very much and felt myself wanting to stand up and dance and rock out and form a mosh pit... Hell yeah give us more"

ReverbNation Reviews

““Point the Finger” - This track opens probably with some of the heaviest drum sounds that I have ever heard. Quickly the vocals pierce through the mix and this track flows out of the gate. This is a song that has classic rock groove and in your face attitude. You won’t feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall with this song. Don’t be mislead, this song is way heavy, but it has style, groove and meaning. If you like Cookie Monster on vocals you won’t find that here. What you will hear is a thinking man pissed with flowing lyrics. The band is top notch, true rock guitars that wind and groove and make the instrument mean something. The bass guitar lays a thick groove about as tight as girls that have their clothes spray painted on ,and the drums thunder but there is no crazy animal playing here. Finesse oozes from this band. The band lays back for a bit but ramps it back up to keep it rocking. If you like a little rap in your rock/metal and like quality playing..”

“[Your song] Wrong Way Traffic just blew my fuckin' mind. For real. I'm in.”

“I think we're going to be hearing a lot more from these guys"”

“:-)WOW. I Truly Admire Your Tunes,Style & Passion.”