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“NSFW: Punany Poets creator Jessica Holter: The male G-spot, prison, and penetration Jessica Holter, aka “The Head Doctor” is the creative genius behind the ensemble performance group known as the Punany Poets. The group was featured on the groundbreaking HBO series “Real Sex” and continues to perform across the country. The Punany Playhouse is the latest project that Holter is working on and features not only performances of Black erotica but also real talk about sex, relationships, and the Black community.”

“Black erotic poetry is growing in popularity as more people of color are feeling free to express themselves sexually. The Punany Poets theater group is a prime example of this expression. Rolling out spoke with Jessica Holter, the writer, and creator of The Punany Poets. Where did the name “The Head Doctor” come from? “The Head Doctor” is the title of a poem. The poem is about head. Not just oral sex, but also mind sex … conversation. I aim to encourage conversation about sex, among Black people as a method of promoting sexual health. Later, to market my show, I created a character, “The Head Doctor” who is a ringmaster for intimate, interactive shows with a social health agenda. I created The Head Doctor because I think we need to talk about sex, as a community and as couples with honest tongues. I am opening conversations over dinner in Atlanta. The plan is to film Dinner with The Head Doctor and air it on my channel at www.punanytv.com. We are going to have sexy and ”

“This week Jessica Holter joins us live to talk about Sex Out Loud. Holter, also known as Ghetto Girl Blue, is a gifted writer and visual artist and an anointed public speaker. She is most famous for creating The Punany Poets in 1995 when rapper Eazy-E died of AIDS complications in anticipation of a rapid spread among disenfranchised Black-African American women. Her television debut on HBO's Real Sex 24 and 26 launched the controversial theater company into popularity in the year 2000. We'll talk about the work of Punany Poets, upcoming stage shows, and their creative PSAs for HIV-AIDS awareness.”

“The Punany Poets visit Shade 45 to talk about their 2017 Valentine's Season tour and show shows School of Seduction, Secret of the Pearl and the Energy Ex-Chains with Sexologist Nikki Morgan and exotic dancer and illusionist Promiss.”

“The Punany Poets Talk Spiritual Sex and Try To Give Charlamagne A Touchless Orgasm on The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 Watch Video https://youtu.be/uY8pD2d8f2k”

“The Punany Poet, Jessica Holter, joins us on Sway in the Morning to opens up about her interactive, poetry based, erotic cabaret show. Along her side is Nikki Morgan, an expert in sexual teachings, orgasm healing and leads us in a discussion about how better orgasms can help you have a better life. If you’re in New York, swing by the Producers Club for the Punany Poet live show. Learn more about the punany here and learn to have a better orgasm here. Watch Video -> https://youtu.be/6XXeR5HoFeI”

“The Punany Poets Annual Valentine's Show If you are trying to think of something special to do for this next Valentine’s Day and if you’re feeling like your love life could use a little spark of motivation, then you might want to skip the movie theater and take a trip to the performing arts theater. Get comfortable, open your minds and your hearts to the beautiful collection of talented women known as The Punany Poets. This a Valentine’s show that you will never forget and walk out with a new perspective on love. Part romantic comedy and part sex education, creator Jessica Holter is opening the minds of couples around the country with her annual tour. Co-Produced by Theresa tha S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D. the singing poet you may recognize from TV One's Verses & Flow, this show is an interactive spectacle of love and sex education theater, bringing happiness to your heart and new skill sets to your bed. Open up communication, assume new positions as they demonstrate them, dare to be bo”

“The lights are dim, incense are burning, music is playing , and in front of you stands Jessica Holter, curly red hair, red lips, black fishnets, mini –skirt, and black corset with boobs for days, and she opens her mouth and this sexy voice says Welcome to The Head Doctor Show….Let us pray Jessica Holter is not only a writer an activist for physical, mental and sexual health, she is also the founder of the Punany Project. When she hits a mic, Jessica Holter definitely makes you look and listen, when presenting The Punany Project to the world. She has been performing for over 20 years and the punany project is just one of her endeavors.”

“5.0 out of 5 stars "Ok so not only was this book absolutely a great story but I now know that I have VOYA ... This review is from: The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms (Zane Presents) (Kindle Edition) Ok so not only was this book absolutely a great story but I now know that I have VOYA moments...this is a definite must read for all those women who have questions regarding lesbian relationships n the difficulty it can sometimes bring when one realizes they may want something different...get u a glass of wine n enjoy I know I did."”

“4.0 out of 5 stars Six Degrees Of "... This erotic tale is the epitome of jaw dropping and not at all what I expected. The back cover of this novel barely sheds light on what this read is truly about. The meager glimpse we are given does not suffice as an adequate warning of what is contained between these steamy pages. The over the top sexually explicit scenes definitely blur the lines of sexual identity and keep the readers guessing. I had no clue what the war between tops and bottoms meant or what it could possibly entail until I completed this book. The author is correct when she says this is not the average down low story, as matter a fact, it is hardly a down low story at all. The key people that surround the main characters play vital roles the events that take place, but not until the book is nearly over do the characters realize how small the world really is, and find truth in the six degrees of separation phenomenon. The twists in this novel are far from predictable..."”

“This review is from: The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms (Zane Presents) (Kindle Edition) "A little fifty shades of grey and Iceberg Slim, collide and you have the war between tops and bottoms."”

“5.0 out of 5 stars loved it, June 20, 2013 This review is from: The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms (Zane Presents) (Kindle Edition) "This is one of those books were the title catches you but once you start reading it you find yourself being in love. Take a long ride and brace your self for Korea she's dreamy and charming, she will keep your wanting more of her bluntness. U will enjoy stormy and her overcoming situations oh and don't for get the hot and extra steamy sex scenes."”

“The Punany Poets do AIDS awareness through erotic poetry and are going on a nationwide tour to spread their message to many of America’s big cities. These pioneers in sexual awareness education have been on HBO’s “Real Sex” more than once displaying their skills at getting people aroused to be educated. Arekah Kane of the Punany Poets The Punany Poets will be in San Francisco at the El Rincon on Saturday, Feb. 12, two days before capitalism’s day of love, Valentine’s Day. Check out this short Q&A wit’ Arekah Kane, one of the newest stars of the Punany Poets … M.O.I. JR: What does Punany mean, for those who are not fluent in Ebonics? Who are the Punany Poets? Arekah Kane: Punany is the physical and emotional elixir to life’s creation … or, as some have said, “a Trinidadian flower.” M.O.I. JR: How long have you been a Punany poet? Arekah Kane: 2011 marks my second year with the cast. I was found on Facebook by Ms. Jessica Holter.”

“Lip Service The Punany Poets serve it up raw By Gabriel Serpa Oakland has always been a place to speak the unspeakable. From Huey P. Newton to Too $hort, the Bay Area is home to creating all types of controversy. So, it is fitting that Jessica Holter, founder of the Punany Poets, is an Oakland native. Holter made her mark in the early '90s by speaking about the uncomfortable topic -- sex -- with a nasty, raw, eloquent, up-in-your-face twist. The name, Punany, comes from the Afro-Caribbean euphemism for female genitalia. The Punany Poets form a diverse talent troupe of singers, rappers, journalists, and social workers. The diversity comes from hand selecting the 13-15 member troupe. "I try to get people that represent different styles," Holter explains. "Bee is kind of S&M; Amber is soulful 'love you real good, feed you first' southern debutante; DJ Blackmon knows that diversity is also a key to talking about sex." Especially, Holter says, when most health care material is so...”

“Jessica Holter is one of my favorite performers from the Bay. She is an erotic poet as well as an AIDS awareness worker. She is the founder of the Punany Poets, who some may remember from the HBO show, Real Sex. She recently released her sophomore book on Zane, “The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms,” and she is getting ready to go on the road with her cabaret show, so y’all better watch out. Here is Jessica Holter aka Ghetto Girl Blue in her own words … M.O.I. JR: Can you tell the readers when and how you founded the Punany Poets? Jessica: I had been an entertainment journalist for a while, and my early marketing efforts were supported by many people in the Hip Hop community: Davey D, Chuey Gomez, Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone’, Conscious Daughters, A Plus of Souls of Mischief, Lev Berlak of The Grill, Money B of Digital Underground and Mystic. The idea was to create a book of erotic stories and poems enhanced with photographs. Most of the photographs”

“5.0 out of 5 stars loved it, June 20, 2013 This review is from: The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms "This is one of those books were the title catches you but once you start reading it you find yourself being in love. Take a long ride and brace your self for Korea she's dreamy and charming, she will keep your wanting more of her bluntness. U will enjoy stormy and her overcoming situations oh and don't for get the hot and extra steamy sex scenes."”

“SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2007 VDAY Performance... I had a great time today watching some very talented ladies perform the Vagina Monologues.. That was some deep stuff to listen, watch and be a part of..no pun intended with the word "deep." Respectfully, there was some really serious things presented but also a lot of fun and humorous moments too. The best performance put in by Rolanda Watts who really acted out her parts in a powerful way. Jessica Holter of the Punany Poets fame was there. She's a small woman with a very soulful, sensual, sexy spirit and voice... And the always infamous Zane was there and did a great job.. Kym Whitley was beautiful and funny as always... There were others but those were the standouts for me... I just wanted to give a shoutout to this very powerful stage show and salute everyone involved.. and ultimately, salute women as a whole.. POSTED BY VAR AT 12:43 AM 1 COMMENT:”

" It was also displayed on the company’s exotic dancer Punany’s Pearl, who upon turning her silver spray-painted torso away from us became a walking billboard of The Punany Poets Owner and Founder’s face; Jessica Holter. The entire black staging of the Red Cat’s platform was an excellent backdrop to the trio’s presentation of sight and sound so if you happen to catch them in an intimate setting, your senses are in for an extra special treat. Each woman is clad in beautiful lingerie and nose-bleed stilettos oozing raw sexuality in their walk, talk and presentation."

“5.0 out of 5 stars Page turner, December 30, 2012 This review is from: The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms (Zane Presents) (Paperback) By far the best book that I have read in 2012... I was soo excited when i found out that Jessica Holter founder of the punany poets wrote a novel. From the start to the finish of the book I couldn't put it down.... I just couldn't wait to see and meet her after reading this novel.... I have been her fan since I saw her on HBO'S real sex.... The book by far is a must read and I'm very excited to have had the chance to read her first novel.... Jessica please keep em cumming.....”

“The Punany Poets are best known for a feature performance on HBO’s late night documentary “Real Sex” but their work has gained accolades among scholars and women all over the globe who recognize their work for its community service and female empowerment programming. Golden’s boldness and command of the spoken word made her an obvious protégé’ of the legendary writer/poet/activist and Punany founder, Jessica Holter. The Punany Poets founder passes the torch to the recently casted Head Doctor, Golden. Punany Poets uses its platform to address the issues of sexuality and erotica in urban life….as a member of AFACTA.org (a non-profit HIV/AIDS organization that addresses the issues of HIV/AIDS in the urban community through the arts) they will raise funds to create community awareness in a way which reaches those affected the most.”

“Punany Poets Show Leaves Phoenix Crowd Breathless Poetry fans who shook off the rainy weather on Saturday were rewarded with a steamy serenade at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. Jessica Holter's Punany Poets made a Valley stop on their Love Stimulus Tour, and brought all of their erotica to bear. The Punany Poets have cornered the Black Erotica poetry genre for over a decade, and are particularly well known after a feature on HBO's Real Sex in 2000. This weekend marked the group's debut appearance in the metro Phoenix area, and judging from the crowd's response—Love Stimulus was long overdue. Once the Punany Poets took the stage, it was all over. Colter's poetics left no sensual stone unturned, as she provided real, raw and often hilarious commentary about sex and relationships. The poet Slam's prowess—verbal and otherwise—pulled audience members from their feet on multiple occasions, and the dancing of Punany's Pearls...well, you just had to be there.”

“Deeper than Sex, Twice the Fun It was a full house on Half Street in DC last Friday. The Punany Poets were at The Crucible Club for one night only to perform their poems and teach lessons about love, sex, and keeping the passion alive in a relationship. The Punany Poets began as a project in 1995 after the death of rapper Eazy E. He died from complications due to AIDS which prompted a whirlwind of discussion about safe sex practices and the importance of knowing your status within the African-American Community. Founder Jessica Holter, a native of Oakland California, took action in the form of poetry. "When the project began in 1995, only 10% of AIDS cases were among heterosexual people... today we are 90%. Our silence and radical religious theories about sexuality is killing the African American at a faster rate than gunfire, crack and pork, yet we seem obsessed with the belief that if we hide behind puritanical faith, while still engaging in worldly behavior, God will spare us" says”

"Helping people get their groove back," says Punany Poets founder Jessica Holter, when asked about her group's purpose. To be perfectly clear, while the performance-art and spoken-word troupe is definitely eroticized, its stage show is as much an intellectual exercise as a sexual one. "When people think punany, they think pussy," she admits. But to her, the concept is just as mental as physical. Being onstage and acting out fantasies, desires, and fears is a form of therapy for both audience and performer, says Holter, who bravely reveals she is still grappling with her own rape and molestation issues. Meanwhile, Keno, the lone male Punany Poet, uses his stage time to show that it's okay for men to be in touch with their feminine side, even if society doesn't always promote that kind of awareness. "A lot of guys are like, 'Dude, how do you do that?'" he says with a laugh, adding, "You don't always have to be the strong-arm guy." And for singer and actress Kween, becoming a Punany Poet

"The Punany Poet are pioneers of Erotic Entertainment..."